Bit scant on local news this week but I have a short selection of reads for you.

And this week's subject line is from the last link in the newsletter.

But first, I want to get this off my chest –

What's more ridiculous?
  1. 🏏 Dhoni and Jadhav's run-a-ball knock-around in the last few overs on Sunday?
  2. 🦘THIS startup: Cangaroo is a micro mobility startup that uses pogo sticks instead of dockless scooters.

📺Meanwhile, if you're short on ideas, here is a certain trillion-dollar market opportunity:
👨‍🔧 This guy coded a Tinder hack which would pair men, who match with his friend, with one-another.

A man would send a message thinking he was talking to Haley — he saw her pictures and profile — and instead another dude would receive the message, which, again, would appear to be coming from Haley.

🤪Hilarity ensues.
Interesting exploration of an ethical dilemma.

The kids are annoyed. BUT what makes the lawsuits of the children problematic is that [without] Cline’s use of his own sperm, none of these children would have existed.

😏 In light of this, can they claim that they were harmed by what he did?
At Disco, everything has a price, from office desks and PCs to a spot for your wet umbrella.

⚖️Teams bill each other for their work, while individuals operate as one-person startups, with daily auctions of work assignments.

🤑Payments are settled in a virtual currency called “Will,” with balances paid in yen at the end of each quarter.

⏳ Super interesting as it details out how the whole operation runs with each individual managing their own time & money.
The late poet Mary Oliver warned against looking without noticing. In an age of distraction, her work is more urgent than ever.

🤔Only read this if you're going to pay attention.
💪 "Project Shakti" was the data analytics program of the Congress party.

This story is about the major systemic screw up by Congress's data team.

Essentially, badly designed systems with incentives for manipulation led to the creation of fake data.

😞 Political decisions were created based on polling that was just wrong. And so Congress leaders expected a completely different outcome.
When Lee Kuan Yew took over the country in 1965, Singapore's per capita GDP was about $400 a year.

Today, Singapore has a per capita GDP of about $50,000.
🤥 Indian state-level cricket sees coaches encourages players to fudge their age and play in younger brackets. This is not good for anyone.

Cue: Donald Trump "Sad" tweets.
Heartwarming lesser-known stories from the team behind that incredible win at Lord’s in 1983.

🕺🏼Today's subject line is from this article.
"The good way (of leaving Apple) is you disappear and don’t make press.
If you leave Apple and then build the Taj Mahal, we’ll chop off your hands"

– Jony Ive (before he left Apple)
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