I'm thrilled to tell you that Facebook made its first investment in India into Meesho – a company we had invested in at pre-seed back in Feb 2016.

Here's some recent coverage from techcrunch.

And here is a piece I wrote back in 2016 about Why we invested in Meesho  that explains the business.

Here are 3 reasons we love the company:
  • 1. 80% of Meesho's customers are in Tier-2 to Tier-5 Indian cities.
  • 2. 80% of Meesho's sellers are women – most of them housewives.
  • 3. These housewives are adding 33% to household income working from home
This article gives a good overview of how Tier-2 India is using the internet

"For many people the phone offers an unsurpassable opportunity for turning otherwise empty time into something enjoyable"

This week's subject line is from the article.

A notable observation that many developed countries thought the internet would help those in poverty work their way up the economic ladder, e.g. farmers looking up weather patterns, children without textbooks learning via Wikipedia. However, those in poverty first gravitate towards phones for entertainment (video, games, messaging).

It's this idea of "timepass" that is actually driving social mobility – due to increased connectivity.

A thought-provoking read that explores challenging base assumptions about how we think.

Western thought leans towards thinking through the frame of mechanical reasoning: systems composed of component pieces assemble together to create a cohesive whole.

Eastern thought takes a more biological lens: rather than the idea of architects designing systems, Eastern thought reasons in terms of "organisms". Here, the emergent systems are more dynamic and can take on a life of their own.

Relevant in the context of the market we build for.

Jay-Z is not just a famous rapper.

"I'm not a businessman. I'm a business, man."

Great story of how he invested $3mn in Uber (worth $70mn today). He wanted to invest more but Travis Kalanick wouldn't let him, so he wired another $5mn to the Uber bank account. It didn't work. But I respect the hustle.

The man has built an empire. And it's no accident.

He realised where the value was in the music business and, rather than lend his name out to sponsors, he put himself behind businesses across industries: fashion, records, liquor, music streaming.

Conceptualised in 1993, USB is a pretty phenomenal piece of technology to have endured this period.

This oral history tells the story of how it came together from the people that were responsible.

This trick is so entrenched into technology and has become a standard method for file compression (across audio, video, picture).

The Fourier transform breaks down aggregated wave patterns into their components. A deceptively simple technique to deal with a very complicated problem.

I was at The Oval last weekend to watch Shikhar make a hundred and us annihilate Australia! I was a little taken aback when the crowd started chanting "cheater, cheater" when Steve Smith came on.

Poll: He's done his ban. So does he still deserve it? [link to a Doodle poll]

Yuvraj holds a special place in my heart. While I was at boarding school in England, Yuvraj hit Stuart Broad for 6 consecutive sixes – and I haven't felt as smug as I did around all those English boys!

Here's a very candid interview with Yuvraj as he retires:

And here's a profile while you're reminiscing

“There's a lot of good things about England, but I don't want to tell you too many of them.” ― Michael Clarke

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