I've changed the newsletter schedule from Saturday to Wednesday this week – easier than frantically trying to get it done before the weekend.
The big story this week was Facebook's launch of "cryptocurrency" Libra.

The link above from Techcrunch is the most comprehensive explainer.

Wired has put out a briefer note here.

🤯And here's a perceptive view about how calling it a "cryptocurrency" is a brilliant marketing strategy for Facebook at large.

Aside from the "is it really crypto/de-centralised?" debate, I think the simple scale of Facebook (incl. Instagram & WhatsApp) give it massive network effects for them to make consumer adoption work.

🤓My sense is this will be a bigger deal in markets like India than the US/Europe.

Elsewhere: (Tweetstorm) How will Libra work in India?
🏏Because of the world cup, we're taking a hilarious detour from regular programming…
  1. Hold your tongue and say "Ben Stokes"
  2. Twitter thread: "We might be winning the match but Pakistanis totally won on Twitter today!! 😁😁"
  3. ✋Pakistan captain Sarfaraz rejected twitter advice from Prime Minister and cricketing legend Imran Khan.
Mary Meeker - Internet Trends 2019
👐🏾The only must-read annual internet report.
👇The middle classes are coddling their children well into adulthood and trying to set them up for life.

Even the Chowkidars who have scorn for Gandhi raise their own children to be him. On this aspect of parenting, there is no polarization.

🤫Everyone admires Narendra Modi; everyone is raising Rahul Gandhis at home.
🧐We’ve all experienced situations where we get two accounts of the same event, but the versions are dramatically different because they’re informed by different facts and perspectives.

This is known as Rashomon Effect: how incompleteness is a tool for bias.
"“I do have a Ph.D. I’ve been poor, hungry and determined.”"

Richard Montañez went from cleaning toilets to being one of the most respected execs in the food industry.
🤨 (Not by sharing.)

Any coverage of WeWork these days is fascinating – this one reads like an expose into the cult.
In a strangely unremarked-upon twist, Disney films have taken to subverting romance and rethinking the happy-ever-afters
Love in the West is consumerist – we choose a partner to give us what we think we need. But Russians do things differently…
Can you make this for me?
  1. 🤫 🙉 Mute my ads: I'm going to lose my mind if I watch one more ad of Akshay Kumar selling me things between a Mohammed Shami hat trick. Can someone make me a mini-program that mutes the TV every time the ads start? I have an infrared transmitter…
  2. 🧘‍♂️Break the cycle: Lots of ethical beating on UX designers encouraging them to stop making flows that drive users towards using scarcity, impulses and addiction. Given that there's a few set formats, can you make me a Chrome extension to mitigate these features?
Other tidbits
😁 "I never dived. In those days, divings was for riff-raffs."

– Ramiz Raja on what cricket was like in his day.
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