So, they finally let me loose on the newsletter today. And I've hand-picked some really good stuff to take you into the weekend.
But first
I wrote something.
When it comes to clickbait-ey headlines, I've been a slow adopter.

But today I present to you my big-boy headline:
Did Jio spend $35bn just to give us cheap thrills?
Making e-commerce work for the next billion.

Moving on
Why did no one tell me that there's a new movie on Elizabeth Holmes?!
The Inventor: out for blood in Silicon Valley
And if you want to write off your weekend – here it is on Hotstar.
I also read the book and discovered that she faked her voice to make it sound deeper… What Kind of Person Fakes Their Voice?
🤯Demis Hassabis founded DeepMind, one of the most important companies today. Yet, DeepMind is shrouded in mystery and little is known of the man himself. This is an origins story of sorts.

🙀It seems to be Facebook bashing season. This Wired story is a blow-by-blow account from people inside and outside Facebook on how they have navigated the recent turmoil.

🛑Throwing fuel on the fire is an unlikely source, Facebook's own cofounder. His scathing op-ed in the New Your Times says it's time to break up Facebook [Chris Hughes / NY Times]

✋This is one of those internet rabbit holes where there is so much more to a mundane topic than you could possibly imagine
🙇‍♂️Revered in China at the level of Steve Jobs, Allen Zhang ("the father of WeChat") has a totally different school-of-thought to the data-driven principles held as gospel in the US.
Original and counter-intuitive. 
Go read this thread:
🎯A fascinating behind-the-scenes compiled with play-by-play interviews from the people that put together Prime.
🦸🏽‍♂️Long, fun read – another Origins story. This one on Bhavish & Ola.
👀I've been fascinated by supply chains since I read See No Evil last year. Now, Miriam Posner peeks behind the curtain to show how SAP is used to manage massive global supply in this New Yorker piece.

🤪On a lighter note, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person messing around in the Google Docs chat section.
🦹‍♂️🔥🦹‍♀️Hope you can make it through that reading list. Here is the cast of Avengers singing "We didn't start the fire":
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