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Prevent Bullying With the Power of Stories

October is Bullying Prevention Month and nothing beats the power of a good story to help students understand the emotional impact of bullying. This resource rich blog post provides a collection of public radio stories featuring the voices of young people who have been bullied or been bullies themselves. Check out these stories to spark a bullying discussion in your classroom.  

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Bring big news stories to your students through a few recent current events. From air strikes on ISIS to protests in Hong Kong, this week’s current events will help you educate your students about recent important news stories.  


Understanding ISIS

The United States and its allies are currently bombing terrorist strongholds in Iraq and Syria after the group ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, stepped up its violence against non-Sunni muslim Iraqis and Western hostages. Use this story to help your students understand who this group is, what their goals are and how they are different from Al Qaeda.


Coming this Week: Protests in Hong Kong

Protests in Hong Kong escalated in the past week.  Hong Kong transitioned from British to Chinese rule in 1997.  Now thousands of demonstrators, many of them young people, are expressing their displeasure with the way China is running Hong Kong. This story presents a first hand account of the protests and what’s at stake.


How Widespread is Spanking?

The line between appropriate discipline and child abuse has been debated in the news lately in response to the child abuse allegations against a Minnesota Vikings star running back. This radio story will spark discussion about the frequency of physical punishment in the home and in school, as well as how people in different parts of the country punish their children.


NEW Lesson Plan: Anti-Semitism in 21st Century Germany

Preparing a unit for WWII or talking with students about the importance of understanding history so it is not repeated? This lesson plan uses a current radio story about waves of anti-Jewish sentiment in Germany to better understand WWII and the anti-semitism behind the Holocaust. Our lesson plan takes students through the origins and impacts of anti-semitism and compares modern anti-semitism with Nazi actions.

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