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4 October 2021

I’m a wee bit late with this newsletter as I was up in Portrush at the Swell Festival for the weekend. I was going to send you a link to their Facebook page but Facebook is down as I’m writing this.

Anyway it is a gorgeous community festival that focuses on showcasing what is already in Portrush for the people who live there. Residents, businesses, artists sharing their resources and working together to show off the best of the town. Sand art, litter picking, local artists’ work displayed in the windows of high street shops, plenty of live music - and on Sunday at 4pm I talked to some lovely people in the beautiful setting of The Arcadia about what we’re doing together in Carrick. Communities sharing inspiration and ideas with each other!

The Swell Festival is ending this year’s event by distributing postcards asking people what their wildest dream is for their town. Sound familiar? :-)

On Tuesday evening we will be joined in the Talking Shop by Gemma Reid who set up the Swell Festival.

Gemma and her sister, Bryonie, are helping us run our mapping workshops. If you’re at a loose end and interested in talking about your experience of Carrick and what you’d like to for our town in the future, you are welcome to join us from 7pm at The Courtyard.

What’s coming up over the next few weeks?

National Poetry Day is 7 October, and this year's theme is 'Choice'. The Secret Bookshelf would love to know why you choose poetry, what poems you love, and to hear some of the poetry that inspires you. And Bookshop Day is 9 October. They’ll have exclusive 'books are my bag' tote bags on sale for £15, some giveaways, some exclusive extracts, and bunting!

Carrickfergus Peace Impact Project are holding a free event this Friday and Saturday in various places across the town. Everyone is welcome to take part.

Climate change and Carrick

The National Lottery Community Fund are offering funding from £1,000 to £10,000 to support communities across the UK to take action on climate change.

How could we use this money in Carrick?

If you have a passion for the environment, are concerned about climate change and want to explore climate action in Carrick, let us know and we can work with you to try to bring some of this funding to Carrick.

Projects can cover:

  • food

  • transport

  • energy

  • waste and consumption

  • the natural environment.

And if you’re interested in food and changing our eating habits so that they have less of a negative impact on the planet, come to the conversation veganism on 14 October at 7pm that we are hosting on behalf of Martin, who is keen to build a community of people interested in a vegan diet in Carrick.

This Thursday I’m attending the Irish Walled Towns Network’s conference online. The conference will look at a number of case studies of heritage-led regeneration in Ireland and internationally and how they can impact a town and its community.

I’ve been invited to talk about Sails and Tales. It’s lovely to be asked to take part and to tell such a positive story about Carrick and the work we were able to do during lockdown. The whole programme is available here if you’re interested in attending. It’s free to attend although spaces are limited.

Right I’m away to bed! Hope to see you in our shop soon!

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