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18 September 2021

What’s coming up?

Did you know that we have added an events calendar to our website?

It’s a fairly common experience to find out about events after they’ve happened in Carrick and we’re trying to address that through this newsletter and the events calendar.

As well as sharing our conversations and events, we share other things that are happening in the town.

And when you click on an event, you’ll get more info and can add it to your own calendar by clicking on + Google Calendar or iCalendar buttons.

Let us know if you have an event coming up that we can include on our website and newsletter.


This week, Carrick Sing are getting together in their new indoor practice venue at Governor’s Place, the Harbour Faith Community space. They practice every Tuesday from 3-4pm and 7-8pm new singers and would-be singers are always welcome.


Also on Tuesday evening, Laura Patrick will be taking us on a guided walking tour of the town centre from 7-9pm. I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who have already booked. We’ve a couple of places left so if you’d like to join us, simply reply to this email to book your place. You can also join us on 5 October to reflect on the tour and our lives in Carrick will engaging our creative selves in some map making.


On September 30, our book club will meet to discuss Jon Yates’ book, Fractured, How our societies are coming apart and how we put them back together again. We read books that inspire us to create positive change in the world. We welcome people who haven’t had a chance to read our chosen book as they ask interesting questions and give us an opportunity to think more deeply about what we’re reading.


On 2 October the Artisan Market is back at Market Place from 11-3pm.


We’re hosting a conversation for vegans and those that are vegan-curious on 14 October at 7pm on behalf of Martin, who is keen to build a community of people interested in a vegan diet in Carrick.


Looking Back to Look Forward explores life in Carrickfergus, Larne and Ballymena over the last 100 years looking at working life, popular culture, education, health and welfare and WWII.

The exhibition is on in Carrick Museum and Civic Centre until 15 October.

Our maritime exhibition, Sails and Tales, upstairs in Kelly’s Coal Office, is a permanent exhibition that you can visit during normal opening hours Monday to Saturday. You can also book a visit outside normal opening hours by replying to this email or emailing

Secret Bookshelf events

Our friends and upstairs neighbours The Secret Bookshelf have a few events coming up over the next month.

Storytelling in the Courtyard Garden - Saturday 25 September from 11-12 noon Come to the garden for an hour’s storytelling with writer Tracey Mulholland and storyteller Vickie McFarland, who will also do some sensory storytelling.

National Poetry Day is 7 October, and this year's theme is 'Choice'. They’d love to know why you choose poetry, what poems you love, and to hear some of the poetry that inspires you.

Bookshop Day is 9 October. They’ll have exclusive 'books are my bag' tote bags on sale for £15, some giveaways, some exclusive extracts, and bunting!

With all that on, the Retail Vouchers coming up, and Christmas looming, they’re also going to be giving double loyalty points through October.

Wildest Dreams - arts and culture in Carrick

We’ve had more than 200 wildest dreams postcards returned to the shop and one of the strongest themes was arts and culture. People want there to be more arts, culture and music events and activities in the town and we’d like to explore that with you in more detail.

Join us for a chat on 28 September about what more arts and culture activity could look like in Carrick and help us shape a proposal for taking forward these dreams so we can make them a reality together.

Carrickfergus Cheese Kickstarter

Support local cheesemaking here by contributing to their kickstarter campaign.

I met with Carol and Olav this week to see how else we can help with their campaign. Watch this space!

I’m ending with some good news as a reward to those of you who read to the end of our newsletter ;-)

We’re going to be staying at The Courtyard until at least January thanks to our lovely landlord! We’re hoping we’ll be there even longer if our plans come to fruition but are so grateful for some breathing space to put those plans together.

We’d love the shop to be used by you as much as possible whether it’s for quiet workspace on Mondays and Tuesdays, space to meet, craft, make art, make plans. Let us know how we can support you and use the lovely space that we want to share.

Finally, please feel free to send me some feedback on this newsletter. What do you like? What annoys you? Is it too long? Missing something? Too frequent or not frequent enough? All feedback welcome as we work out how to create something useful.

For now, have a great weekend!

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