August WAFLT eVoice: Week 1 Ideas, US, Europe Language Education Compared, and More!

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Talking Advocacy with Your Students

By Josh LeGreve

As we all begin to prep for our return to our classrooms, one of the early lessons in the year I look forward to is having the conversation with students about why languages matter and why it is important to learn about other cultures and communities. To me, this is a pivotal portion of my work as a teacher advocate; it is these students that will be the future policy makers and parents that will have massive influence on the future of education. Thus, anything we can do to instill in our students the necessity of language learning and cultural understanding in our modern world is indispensable advocacy on our part. Read more.

Talking Could Help Improve Reading


As a former middle school special education teacher and current tutor of middle and high school students, I often work with older children who struggle immensely with reading and writing tasks. This issue impacts them in every academic area and, if not addressed, can eventually affect their motivation to learn and to come to school. Many students I work with receive extra support in their English or language arts class, but then are on their own or receive less support in their other academic classes. Edutopia

What Should Teachers Do in Week 1?


In the school district where I taught for many years, school always began on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Our middle school teaching team, which served 185 students, competed every year to see who could learn every student's name by Friday. Most years, I won. Educational Leadership


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Language Education in US, Europe Compared

Students throughout the United States and Europe face many similar tasks throughout their education, from preparing for exams to writing papers. But there are glaring differences when it comes to foreign language education – or lack thereof – and the result is that far lower shares of American students study a foreign language. Pew Research Center
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