February WAFLT eVoice: Dual-Language Programs, Bilingual School Newspaper, and More!

High Tech/Low Tech: Ideas for Every Classroom

Activities for Doodles & Scribbles

By Deana Zorko

There aren’t many favorable definitions out there regarding doodling and scribbling. As teachers, however, we see it day in and day out on homework, warm ups, tests/quizzes, journals and even desk tops. It can be destructive and even annoying at times, but I’m sure all of us can also provide anecdotal evidence of how it can actually help students retain information, be focused and calm and be especially creative in the classroom. Here are some interesting and informative videos and tools that discuss how doodling and otherwise creating visual representations of information can actually increase comprehension: Doodling.  Read more.

How dual-language programs are shaping schools


Research shows benefits for students learning in multilingual schools. Some states have taken steps to introduce more dual-language immersion programs, but some say a growing demand for such programs may be creating inequity. The Atlantic

High school student teaches Spanish at an elementary school

SOURCE: Education Dive: K12

There was a picture of an old woman on a video monitor in the brightly decorated third-grade classroom.

“La abuela.”

Brianna Aubrey, a Hartford High School senior, read the picture caption aloud to the young children seated around her in the U-shaped arrangement of desks.

“La abuela,” repeated the third-graders.

But what did the word mean? A few hands went up in the air.

Aubrey, eyes bright with interest, pointed to a girl.

“Grandmother?” the girl asked.

“Sí,” said Aubrey, beaming. “Grandmother.”. The Seattle Times

Sorry STEM, Google just made the case for more foreign language education


In the last decade, American education has been increasingly concerned with promoting STEM subjects. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of students enrolled in STEM degree programs increased 36%. Then-President Obama asked Congress for a $4 billion investment in computer science in K-12 schools. States like Michigan now allow high school students to fulfill foreign language credit requirements by learning to code. Government officials in North Carolina and Kentucky have proposed defunding non-technical majors in state universities, on the basis that they “don’t get someone a job”. Transparent Language Language News Blog

Wisconsin students create trilingual book for kids


Fifth-grade dual-language students at a Wisconsin elementary school recently celebrated the release of a 34-page trilingual children's book about the Ho-Chunk Nation that they helped create. The students started the project as third-graders and worked with their peers at a Ho-Chunk language school to translate a traditional Ho-Chunk story into English and Spanish.​ La Crosse Tribune


March 15, 2018
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New Mexico students start bilingual school newspaper


Students at a dual-language New Mexico elementary school recently began work on La Prensa, a Spanish-English newspaper that features student-written articles about the goings-on at the school and in the community. Teachers say the monthly, two-page publication encourages students to learn about the community and their peers.  KRQE-TV

How to bring global learning to your classroom

SOURCE: Education Dive: K12

The sun was high overhead as we stood in the open, slowly baking in the hundred- degree heat, which was abnormally hot for late October, even by southern California standards. It was late in the afternoon of day three of our expedition, and we weren’t sure what to expect as we got out of the van. eSchool News
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