May WAFLT eVoice: Biliteracy Seal, End of the School Year. and More!

High-Tech/Low-Tech: Ideas for Every Classroom

Refresh, Reflect, Restart Recharged

By Lauren Rosen

As the school year winds down and we all begin to breathe again, we look forward to a refresh over the summer. Perhaps that is a glass of lemonade, a cold beer, or an opportunity to finally update all those apps on your phone and laptop without having to worry about losing that important data that you need for tomorrow’s lesson, report, meeting… For me it meant the start of spring-summer cleaning. A trip down memory lane took me through over 20 years of teaching materials, most of which were outdated. I no longer use purple-inked mimeograph machine handouts (although it brought back memories of the smell of the chemicals used to make dittos), or an overhead projector for that matter.  Read more

Mentoring Matters

Who's Your Liz?

By Karen Fowdy

Mentoring models are varied and dynamic, changing with our experiences and situations. Whether the mentoring relationship is structured and traditional, less structured and “organic,” or perhaps mutual between peers, the goal is the same-to learn and improve through the sharing of skills, perspectives and expertise.  Read more

How Language Shapes the Brain

SOURCE: Foreign Language Teaching Forum (FLTEACH)

When Emperor Akihito stepped down from the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, 2019, in Japan’s first abdication in 200 years, Naruhito officially became the new emperor ushering in a new era called Reiwa (令和; “harmony”). Japan’s tradition of naming eras reflects the ancient belief in the divine spirit of language. Kotodama (言霊; “word spirit”) is the idea that words have an almost magical power to alter physical reality. Through its pervasive impact on society, including its influence on superstitions and social etiquette, traditional poetry and modern pop songs, the word kotodama has, in a way, provided proof of its own concept. Scientific American

Biliteracy Seal Offers Graduates Recognition for Language Skills


In addition to their caps and gowns, some of the high school graduates crossing commencement stages this spring will have an unusual and honorary distinction: the seal of biliteracy.  It's an award granted to graduating students who demonstrate proficiency in another language, in addition to English. To qualify for the seal, students must take a test — and if they pass, they don't get just a fancy certificate from the Department of Education. They'll be able to earn up to four semesters of college credit recognized by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Minnesota Public Radio


June 12-13, 2019
Curriculum Writing Days
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June 22-23, 2019
NNELL Summer Institute
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June 25-26, 2019
Modified OPI (MOPI) Assessment Workshop
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July 29-30, 2019
WAFLT Summer Institute: Looking Back to the Future
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September 25, 2019
WAFLT Scholarship for Tomorrow's Teachers Application Deadline
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October 31-November 1-2, 2019
WAFLT Fall Conference: Mapping the Way to a Multiliterate Wisconsin
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A Powerful Way to End the School Year

SOURCE: Edutopia News
One of our strategies that teachers enjoy using at the end of the school year is a practical, easy-to-use tool we call Celebrating Learning With Year Mapping. This activity gives your current students a chance to feel good about what they’ve learned and provides incoming students an opportunity to see real evidence that they can be successful learners in the coming school year. And it gives teachers a chance to enjoy seeing students share what they’ve learned and to internalize their successful teaching.  Several elements of this strategy make it a powerful way to end the school year with a positive experience, often much needed after testing is over and as a busy year comes to an end. With prompted recall, each student can remember learning events that mean the most to them. Year-end mapping utilizes the power of positive teacher-student relationships as well as personalized learning, summarizing, group learning, and organizing information graphically. Edutopia
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