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The Antonian E-newsletter

December 2015

Dear Antonians
I hope you have all received the latest issue of The Antonian, our annual Alumni magazine. You will find below in this E-Newsletter updated and new details of events, news and other information we could not feature in the magazine. 

Our student team has begun calling the Western Hemisphere in our December Telephone Campaign. We hope that you will enjoy speaking with our students if they call you. 

In this issue:  
We look forward to seeing many of you soon across the world at one of our forthcoming Alumni events. In the meantime, our social networking activities continue to grow. Why not find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with College news and events as they happen?

David Parker
Development and Alumni Communications Officer

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Antonian Events

SABC Torpids: 24-27th February - Oxford

SABC Summer VIIIs 25-28th May - Oxford

Alumni Event: 6
th April - Toronto 

Alumni Event: 9th April - Washington
Oxford University's Bi-Annual North American Alumni Event. 

Oxford Alumni Weekend: September - Oxford (Dates TBC)

Antonian Reunion Latin America: October - Lima (TBC)


Investcorp Building wins Award

St Antony’s is delighted to announce that the Investcorp Building has been awarded with the Oxford Preservation Trust Award. The announcement follows closely to the Building opening its doors formally to students this Term.


The Middle East Centre Director, Eugene Rogan said "We are delighted. The award acknowledges the vision and commitment of the team in creating a superb building that is really settling into Oxford and will be well loved by the community.


Emeritus Fellows' awards 

Three of St Antony's Emeritus Fellows have been recognised with various awards and appointments. Jane Caplan, Archie Brown and Alan Knight each were honoured with awards and recognition for their work.

Professor Jane Caplan was appointed by the German Interior Minister to the Academic Advisory Committee of the Ministry's officially sponsored investigation into continuities between the National Socialist Interior Ministry and the West and East German Interior Ministries after 1949.

Professor Archie Brown was recognised by the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies with the Distinguished Contributions to Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Award. 

Professor Alan Knight was awarded the prestigious ASICOM prize in a ceremony at the historic Hotel Reconquista in Oviedo, Spain. The award was bestowed for his "dedication to the study of Latin America and tireless will to build bridges between the two sides."


Book prize for Senior Research Fellow 

Toby Matthiesen was awarded the bronze prize in The Washington Institute's 2015 Book Prize competition. His work, The Other Saudis: Shiism, Dissent and Sectarianism was well received by the judges who said "In Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, a restless Shiite minority poses perhaps the most enduring challenge to the stability of the great oil kingdom. Oxford University political scientist Toby Matthiesen has written a pioneering account of this little-understood community, drawing on an astonishing array of archives, clandestine publications, and interviews. Matthiesen convincingly argues that Saudi authorities have stoked the sectarian fires that have forged Shiite identity, so that while the kingdom may have evaded the 'Arab Spring', hatred-fuelled turmoil may still lie ahead."


Antonian Fund Michaelmas Grants

The College is please to announce the awarding of £6,806.05 to fifteen applicants to the Antonian Fund this term. Grant winners including funding for six seminars and workshops, the Visual Arts Club, the Gardening Society and several sports clubs. 

For a full list of grant winners, please see our webpage here


Student Fundraising Initiatives 

Two students of St Antony's organised and delivered a collection of supplies to refugees in the migrant camps outside Calais. The relief initiative was supported by sixteen other Colleges in Oxford, and several vans were hired to transport the donated clothes, sleeping bags and aid supplies. A fundraising drive also raised £3,295 to help with the costs associated. See the news article here


St Antony's Boat Club 

St Antony's Boat Club (SABC) has continued to grow and expand since their historic victories at the end of last term. The club has a new website which will be updated with race updates, news and event details. The Club also has an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, which recently included live-tweeting of the Christ Church Regatta (in which the Men's 1st boat came third).

The Club is always keen to reconnect with past members. For more information, please get in touch with the Club President, Devony Schmidt or the Club Secretary, Kristofer Hammarback


Antonian News

We regularly update our website with news from Antonians. For past news items, please see the page here. If you publish a new book, are appointed to a board or something else newsworthy, please do get in touch with our office and we will share it with the Antonian community. 

Of particular note was the appointment of Chrystia Freeland (Politics, 1993) as Canada's Minister of International Trade, and of Charles Powell's (History, 1981) appointment to the 'Order of the Star of Italy' by the Italian President. 


Latest Antonian publications

This year has been particularly busy for Antonian publications. We have received many emails detailing new books being published by members of St Antony's. For a full list, please see here.

If you publish a new work and would like the Antonian community to hear about it, please do get in touch with our office and we will make it known.


Professor Adam Komisarof (Visiting Fellow 2012-13): 'Crossing Boundaries and Weaving Intercultural Work, Life, and Scholarship in Globalizing Universities' (with Professor Zhu Hua) 

"This book generates a fresh, complex view of the process of globalization by examining how work, scholarship, and life inform each other among intercultural scholars as they navigate their interpersonal relationships and cross boundaries physically and metaphorically." 

Professor Jonathan Wright (DPhil Politics, 1963): 'Mental Maps in the Era of Detente and the End of the Cold War 1968-91' (with Professor Steven Casey)

"The last two decades of Cold War saw a transformation of the international system. This volume shows how this change was viewed through the eyes of fifteen major political leaders who were caught up in the process and helped to shape it."


Lost Alumni and Updates


St Antony's College tries to keep in touch with as many Antonians as possible, however we occasionally lose contact with some of our Alumni. Here is a "list of the Lost", ordered by year. These are all Antonians for whom we don't currently have a working email address or phone number.

We would be very grateful if you know the whereabouts of anyone on the above list. Please email our Alumni Office with any information.

We would also like to ensure that we have the right contact details for you in the St Antony's Alumni database so we can send you The Antonian newsletter, invitations to events and news and activities from the college.

Please complete the Antonians Update Form on our website.



For the complete series of St Antony's College podcasts, please visit this page.

African Studies Centre

Democracy in Africa: Booklaunch of Democracy in Africa which provides the first comprehensive overview of the history of contemporary democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Speakers: Professor Nic Cheeseman (Associate Professor in African Politics, University of Oxford), Professor Stephen Chan OBE (SOAS) and Dr Phil Clark (SOAS). Chair: Professor Catherine Boone (LSE) - 14/10/15

***For more African Studies Centre podcasts, visit this page***

Middle East Centre

Is Religion Really Violent?: Karen Armstrong (author of 'Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence') at St Antony's Middle East Centre on 13th November 2015.

***For more Middle East Centre podcasts, visit this page***

Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies

In July this year, the Nissan Institute held a memorial event for Dr Mark Rebick, a noted authority on Japanese economics and a former member of the Nissan Institute. Below are three podcasts from the event. 

Introduction to Dr Mark Rebick Memorial Event: Professor Jenny Corbett (Australian National University), Mark's colleague, talked about the work and life of Professor Mark Rebick and his contributions to the field of Japanese economics and academic life at the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies.

An International Comparision in Hope and Happiness between Japan, United Kingdom and United States: Professor Yuji Genda (University of Tokyo), Mark's colleague, shared his recollections about Dr Rebick and about research Mark's work inspired.

Lessons from Studying the Japanese Economy: Professor Richard B. Freeman (Harvard University), Mark's former supervisor, talked about Dr Rebick's broader contribution to the field of Japanese Economy and the shape of that field more generally. 

***For more Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies podcasts, visit this page***
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