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The Antonian E-newsletter

December 2014

Dear Antonians,
I hope you have received the new issue of the Antonian newsletter, packed with interesting Alumni news and feature articles by St Antony's Fellows. In this electronic follow-up, we have included updated information about events and other updates and news which we could not feature in the magazine for reasons of space.

In this issue:

Lost Alumni
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Antonian News
New books from Alumni
Antonian events
Leavers' Society
Student Fundraising Initiatives
News from the Centres


It would be wonderful to hear your feedback about this year's Antonian newsletter - please send an email to and let us know what you think!

We hope to see you soon at our forthcoming Alumni events in London, Austria, Switzerland, India, the United States, Japan and Oxford. In the meantime, why not join our social networking channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up to date with College news and events?

With best wishes for the festive season and New Year,

Monica Esposito
Development and Alumni Communications Officer

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Lost Alumni


St Antony's College tries to keep in touch with as many Antonians as possible, however we occasionally lose contact with some of our Alumni. Here is a "list of the Lost", ordered by year.

Do you know the whereabouts of anyone else on this list? We are very grateful if you could help us reconnect with the lost Members of our community.

Please email Monica Esposito with any information.

Update your Alumni details - and win!

 We would like to ensure that we have the right contact details for you in the St Antony’s Alumni database, so we can send you the Antonian newsletter, invitations to events and news and activities from the College.

Please complete the Antonians Update Form on our website.

Don't forget - we are giving away Dr Eugene Rogan's new book, "The Fall of the Ottomans: The Great War in the Middle East, 1914-1920" (scheduled for publication in 2015), in a draw amongst all those who reply. The deadline for this new competition will be 31 December 2014.

Antonian News

Here is the complete list of Antonian updates for 2014.

New books from Alumni

Here is the complete list of New Books from Alumni for 2014.

Antonian events

We are delighted to announce that St Antony’s College will be hosting various reunions throughout the year in various cities around the world. Some of these events still have to be confirmed and invitations will be sent closer to the date; please subscribe to our social media streams for information and updates.

London Antonian Drinks Reception    9 February 2015

An event for our Alumni in London. This year, we will host a drinks reception at the Counting House; as this is likely to be a very popular event, early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Please visit our event page to book a place.

Tokyo & Fukuoka Antonian Reunion    11 and 15 April 2015

An event for our Alumni in Tokyo and Fukuoka. More details to follow.

Delhi Antonian Drinks Reception    18 April 2015

Oxford University Alumni Weekend in Europe, Vienna       Friday 24 April - Sunday 26 April

Explore Vienna with Oxford University and St Antony’s College.  Antonians will be invited to an informal lunch at Café Landtmann on Saturday 25 April.

Geneva Drinks Reception    May 2015

St Antony’s College Alumni Weekend     Saturday 19 September – Sunday 20 September 2015

The annual Antonian Reunion, organised in conjunction with the Oxford Alumni Weekend 2015. This year, the event will coincide with the Latin American Centre’s 50th Anniversary.

New York Antonian Reunion / Boston Antonian Reunion    Autumn 2015

For information and booking: Please visit or contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office:, +44 (0)1865 274496.

Leavers' Society

This year, new graduands have the opportunity to join the St Antony's Leavers' Society.

How to join the Leavers' Society: By making a donation to the Antonian Fund within two years after graduation, you will become a Member of the St Antony’s College Leavers’ Society. Members will be those Antonians who make a gift in the two years after their graduation. Antonians retain their membership if they continue making a gift each year, no matter the size of the gift. The names of the Members will be listed every year in a specific Leavers’ Society section of the annual Antonian Newsletter donor list. You will also receive a special Leavers' pin for the year, that can be worn at our Alumni events.
Why we need your support: As you know, St Antony’s is one of the poorer Colleges of the University of Oxford; at present, only a small percentage of our students (21% for Social Sciences and 20% for Humanities) are fully funded. For this reason, St Antony's launched the Antonian Fund to attract students and researchers of the highest calibre from all over the world and provide support for a range of academic and student activities. For more information about the Antonian Fund, please visit this page; you can find a list of grant recipients for Trinity Term 2014 here.
Every gifts matters... : Every donation is important, no matter the size. If one Antonian donates the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day for 6 months, the College will be able to fund a travel grant of £500.

And your gift will be matched!: Under the Student Challenge Fund scheme, launched by the University of Oxford Development Office, any first gifts made by leavers to the College in the first two years after they graduate will also be matched through a “challenge fund” instituted by University major donors. In order to be included in the matched funding scheme for 2014, donations need to be received by 31 December 2014, so any gifts before the end of the year would be very welcome.
The maximum matching which may be awarded from the Fund for gifts by any individual donor in 2014 is restricted to £250 for a single gift and £500 for a Direct Debit, Recurring Card Payment or equivalent Bank Transfer Instruction.

St Antony's International Review - Call for applications


STAIR (St Antony's International Review) invites authors to submit original research manuscripts on topics of contemporary relevance in international affairs. Submissions from the fields of political science, international relations, area studies, and development studies will all be considered. Articles may take either a theoretical or a policy-oriented approach. stair has a broad readership and prizes accessibility of language and content. We are now accepting papers for our two issues in 2016.
STAIR is the only peer-reviewed journal of international affairs at the University of Oxford. Founded by graduate students of St Antony’s College in 2005, the Review has carved out a distinctive niche as a cross-disciplinary outlet for research on the most pressing contemporary global issues, providing a forum in which emerging scholars can publish their work alongside established academics and policymakers. Distinguished past contributors include John Baylis, Alexander Betts, Charlotte Hess, Robert Keohane, Richard Ned Lebow, and Sarah Percy.
STAIR devotes half of each issue to a special theme of contemporary significance. Authors should therefore refer to the themed Calls for Papers available online at to determine whether their particular areas of interest are covered by upcoming special issues. All articles that do not fit with the upcoming special themes should be submitted to the general section.

STAIR will review manuscripts that contain original, previously unpublished material of up to 9,000 words (including footnotes with complete bibliographic information). Authors are asked to include an abstract of no more than 300 words. Submissions are sent to external reviewers for comment. Decisions can generally be expected within three months. For further information on manuscript preparation, referencing, and diction, please refer to the “Notes for Contributors” available at

Please send submissions to

For more information about STAIR, please visit this website.

Student Fundraising Initiatives

Halloqueen Charity Calendar

The Halloqueen Charity Calendar 2015, with photographic memories of the event, is now on sale at £10 per copy. As is the tradition, the proceeds of the calendar will go on to benefit a charity. This year's charity will be London Trans Diversity, an organisation which seeks to raise transgender awareness. For more information and orders, please contact Jack Clift.

Antonians, guests and international activists gathered together at the Late Bar on the night of 17 October to support education for Syrian refugee children through a fundraiser benefiting Jusoor. Jusoor is an international NGO with focus on empowering Syrian youth and children through scholarships and educational initiatives, co-founded by current Antonian and DPhil candidate in Public Policy Fadi Salem. Alongside Oxford Solidarity for Syria and Oxford for Syria, the St Antony's GCR organised a program of poetry and music to fundraise, raise awareness and promote involvement in on-campus activism. After presentations by each of the sponsoring organisations, Antonian DPhil candidate, poet and activist Fatemeh Shams read several of her newly published poems in Persian, while Antonian DPhil candidate Jose Vericat read English translations. Following the performances, attendees met and mingled at the Late Bar, made contributions and placed bids in a silent auction for an artwork by Ibrahim Fakhri, a Syrian artist and activist currently featured in the exhibition Disobedient Objects at the V&A. With donations collected through the sale of hand-printed t-shirts, bags and the silent auction the St Antony's GCR collected over £650 which will support the education of 22 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon for one month. For more information on Jusoor:

News from the Centres

This section supplements the "News of the Centres" published in the Antonian Newsletter.

 Middle East Centre

Dr Michael Willis, Director of the MEC in the academic year 13/14:
"In addition to the completion of the wonderful landmark Softbridge Building 2014 was another busy year for the Middle East Centre with a full programme of conferences, seminars and guest speakers, many of which addressed the still constantly evolving and fast-moving events in the region. Notable speakers this year were Ali Allawi, the former Iraqi Cabinet Minister, who spoke about his new book on King Faisal of Iraq, Tom Segev, the renowned Israeli historian who spoke about his forthcoming biography of David Ben Gurion and Patrick Cockburn, the Middle East Correspondent of The Independent who gave a lecture on Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. The main conference hosted by the MEC focused on the Tunisian Revolution of 2010-11. Podcasts are available on the University's Podcasts page.

The distinguished speaker for the Centre’s main annual event, the George Antonius Lecture in June was Professor Khaled Fahmy  from the American University of Cairo who spoke on “From The ‘Arab Awakening’ to the 'Arab Spring': Some observations from Egypt”.

In recognition of the expanding ties between China and the Middle East, three of the Fellows from the MEC travelled to China in September to participate in an international conference in Shanghai and meet colleagues at Middle East Studies across the country."

Latin American Centre

Michael Petersen, History Faculty:

"This academic year, the LAC has been the site of an exciting initiative. A new seminar, aimed at continuing the long-standing tradition of scholarship in and discussion of Latin American history at Oxford, has joined the LAC’s diverse list of activities. With the Centre’s Dr Eduardo Posada-Carbó and the History Faculty’s Mark Petersen (a doctoral candidate) at the helm, the seminar has steered a decidedly inter-disciplinary course and has attracted speakers and attendees working on historical approaches in multiple fields such as economics, literature, international relations, politics, sociology, and migration studies. Adding to the diversity of perspectives, speakers have included established scholars and graduate students.

Through the generosity of the LAC and the History Faculty, the Seminar has brought to Oxford scholars from throughout the United Kingdom and France. It has also tapped into the fantastic resource of visiting academics at Oxford and other UK universities. As a result, each term’s programme has showcased work at the forefront of research in the region’s history. The range of topics has included constitutionalism, Latin American and Pan-American international law, human development, slavery, the wars of independence, popular science, Central American electoral practices, indigenous peoples, and economic history in the Latin American novel.

Yet the Seminar’s mission extends beyond the discussion of innovative research to an ideal closer to the heart of a university: community. By providing a space for informal conversation and debate, the Seminar aims to foster a sense of community among those interested in the history of Latin America here in Oxford and further afield. With that goal in mind, each session ends not only with a show of gratitude to the speaker but also with the continuation of our conversations over a meal and glass of wine at a local restaurant in Oxford’s nearby Jericho neighbourhood. A resounding success this year, the Seminar will hopefully remain a permanent addition to the LAC’s calendar."

North American Studies Programme

Dr Halbert Jones, Director of the North American Studies Programme:

"In May 2014, the North American Studies Programme was honoured to host Prof John R. McNeill of Georgetown University for an Astor Lecture entitled, “North American Exceptionalism: Invasions and Environments over the Very Longue Durée.”  Astor Lectureships are granted by the University to make it possible for particularly distinguished academics from the United States to speak in Oxford and to engage with faculty and students here.  A University Professor with appointments in the History Department and the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, McNeill is a leading figure in the field of environmental history and has been recognised for his the breadth and interdisciplinary nature of his research.  His book Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the Twentieth Century World won the World History Association’s book prize, and his most recent work, Mosquito Empires: Ecology and Warfare in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914, won the Beveridge Prize of the American Historical Association for the best book on the history of Canada, the United States, or Latin America. 
In his lecture at St Antony’s, McNeill reflected on how environmental and ecological factors have shaped the development of the North America as a region, with particular attention to the impact of the introduction of new species to the continent over time.  He highlighted the fact that while these impacts were especially intense during the “Columbian Exchange” following the arrival of Europeans in the Americas, they have also been felt much more recently, as, for example, an Asian blight wiped out North America’s chestnut trees early in the twentieth century, and as invasive species have disrupted the ecosystems of the Great Lakes over the past few decades.  As a native of Chicago, McNeill pointedly noted that many of these disruptive agents have reached North American shores via New York City!  During his visit, Prof McNeill also participated in a roundtable discussion with Oxford colleagues – including William Beinart of St Antony’s, James Belich of the History Faculty, and Thomas Thornton of the Environmental Change Institute – on how best to bring historical perspectives to the study of the environment and how best to ensure that historical research takes into account the importance of environmental factors.


For the complete series of St Antony's College podcasts, please visit this page.


African Studies Centre:

  Media, Conflict and Democracy in Africa  Joint Seminar of the African Studies Centre and Reuters Institute.      

For more African Studies Centre podcasts, visit this page.

Latin American Centre:

  Democracies and Dictatorships in Latin America: Emergence, Survival, and Fall   Professor Scott Mainwaring gives a talk for the Latin American Centre seminar series.  

For more Latin American Centre podcasts, visit this page.

Asian Studies Centre:

  Timor Leste Route to Democracy: a critical appraisal
The first talk given as part of the Southeast Asia Seminar, St Antony's College during MT14

  Contested Buddhist Identities in Burma/Myanmar
Podcast of the lecture given by Dr Matthew Walton, Senior Research Fellow in Modern Burmese Studies, at the British Museum on 27 November.

For more Asian Studies Centre podcasts, visit this page.

European Studies Centre:

  The past is never dead: Balkan legacies of the First World War
Speakers include; Ivo Banac (Yale University), Richard Crampton (St Edmund Hall, Oxford), Basil Gounaris (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Margaret Macmillan (St Antony’s College, Oxford), Eugene Rogan (St Antony’s College, Oxford)

For more European Studies Centre podcasts, visit this page.

Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies:

  The Downward Spiral of Japan's Relations with China since 2012
Dr Taku Tamaki, Loughborough University, gives a talk for the Nissan Centre for Japanese Studies seminar series.

For more Nissan Institute podcasts, visit this page.


You can read here the very interesting Oxford Blog written by Peter Vis, EU Visiting Fellow at St Antony's. It's a summary of his experiences and reflections while being at College, and a light-hearted sharing of the experience of spending an academic year here. 
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