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Volume 1 | Issue 12


Can you believe this year is coming to an end so quickly? Soon the holidays will be here, then the new year! I hope you've had an amazing year thus far.  

On the tech side, we have a lot of stuff going on from now until the end of the year as well. Recently we had the second session on our Jenkins X: Hands-on Demonstration webinar series. If you have not been able to attend, I've included the first two recorded sessions for your enjoyment.
Our next session is on November 26 at 7 am PST. Our guest presenter Mauricio Salatino will show you how to take a monolith application and convert it to microservices, then run it through CI/CD in Jenkins X. You won't want to miss that one!  

Jenkins X: Hands-on Demonstration
Session 1 - Introduction to Jenkins X
Jenkins X: Hands-on Demonstration
Session 2 - Installation & Maintenance of Jenkins X

We are all stoked to attend KubeCon San Diego, are you attending? I'll be doing a few Jenkins X demos and I hope to see you there.

Some of us might head on over to Tijuana for some real tacos, not the ones there in San Diego :) 

Check out the hashtag #KubeConTacoRun. Use that to get in the conversation and see where it takes us!

There is also DevOps World | Jenkins World - Lisbon, Portugal! I've got a full agenda there. 

First, my colleague Andrew Bayer and I will have a session on Introduction to Jenkins X. This session is for people who have not used Jenkins X and want to know what it is, its major capabilities, and how to get started -- all from a beginner's perspective.

Here is the fun part, we are doing it as a skit. You will not be falling asleep on our session!

I also have a workshop with my partner in crime Viktor Farcic. The workshop, Continuous Delivery with Jenkins X, will give you a lot of hands-on time and we will guide you through many aspects of using the platform.  

if you are able to make it, here is a discount code: JenkinsX30 for a 30% discount.

You might have heard of the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution (CJXD), it is meant for companies that love open source but need a stable snapshot that can be used in the enterprise environment which has change management in place.

Good news! CJXD v4 has just been released, and it includes a shiny new UI to visualize your Jenkins X pipelines! The UI is currently in "Technical Preview" which basically means it's not production-ready and CloudBees is looking for feedback and suggestions. Head to the CJXD UI docs page for more information on installation, use, etc.

Builds Page - shows all of the projects you are putting through CI/CD and their status.

Build Logs Page - Shows log details

CJXD v4 also comes with many improvements and bug fixes, which have naturally been committed back to Jenkins X

You can now download CJXD V4 here.
Changing Core Jenkins X Configuration using JX Boot

JX Boot was part of the recent topic we covered in the second session of our webinar series titled Jenkins X: Hands-on Demonstration. If you want to learn more about it, please see the video above as we explain why you should use it and how it works. In short, JX Boot abides by GitOps practices. Any changes made to your Jenkins X cluster are made using Pull Requests to the code repository. 

We recently had a question on our Kubernetes slack channel #jenkins-x-user so I thought I'd share the question and answer.

Q: How can I change the default Nexus endpoint port?

A:  When using JX Boot, you can modify a YAML file in the cloned boot config directory, typically named cloudbees-jenkins-x-boot-config. 

The file is located under bootdirectory/env/jenkins-x-platform/values.tmpl.yaml   You want to modify as follows:
    defaultAdminPassword: "{{ .Parameters.adminUser.password }}"
        externalPort: 8071

The markup in bold is what I have added. Once I made the change and created a pull request on that repo, Jenkins X deployed the changes to the cluster as shown below.

This is a simple example of how you can make changes to various components of Jenkins X, which are mostly Helm Charts. In the case of a Helm Chart, you want to modify the chartname/values.yaml


Community Member Spotlight

Patrick Lee Scott coaches individuals and technology organizations ranging from startups through major enterprises in cloud native microservices, DevOps, full-stack engineering and automation of processes. Jenkins X is one of his go-to tools for transforming tech teams!

He was recently awarded HackerNoon's Contributing Tech Writer of the Year for 2019 and his articles covering topics from committing to master to autoscaling queue-based microservices have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

How are you using Jenkins X?

I help technology organizations succeed by automating their processes and equipping them with modern tools. Having a modern CD pipeline with Preview Environments plays a huge role in increasing the team's velocity. Jenkins X is absolutely the easiest way to give any team a huge advantage and adopt modern practices. I love that it allows members of that team to take advantage of things like Kubernetes without needing to understand all of the pieces in depth.

I've been on the Jenkins wave for a few years now. I was first introduced to the CloudBees world through Viktor Farcic back in Docker Swarm times. He had to have answered at least 1000 of my questions when I first started in the DevOps world. 

It was through Viktor that I first heard rumors of a new Kubernetes-specific tool coming out called "Jenkins X", so as soon as it was announced I was already eager to try it out!

The first project I used JX on was the summer of 2018. I've now implemented it for several different companies and teams ranging from multi-billion dollar insurance companies to Silicon Valley tech startups.

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