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In this issue, I am happy to put the spotlight on one of our amazing contributors, Peter Muir, who usually tends to be getting things done in the background, with occasional surfacing on the Slack channels. 

I think it's important to show how Jenkins X is being used, especially in real-world deployed solutions. I plan to share these stories more in the future. To that end, I am honored to showcase Paul Dragoonis, who shares insight on a recent project he delivered to a client.

I would love to hear your story and about your journey with Jenkins X. Please reach out to me if you'd like to share your experience with our growing community!

I hope you enjoy this issue, and I welcome your feedback and ideas.

@SharePointOscar | Developer Advocate Jenkins X

Community Member Spotlight: Peter Muir


live in the UK, about 30 miles south west of London. At the moment I can mostly be found in the garden where I grow some vegetables and a lot of flowers. I’ve taught myself to do most kinds of building work (though I’ve not yet actually built a house!).  

Outside of that I love traveling and hiking. Most recently I went to Pakistan where I trekked up to the K2 base camp, and then out over a pass at about 5600m (and I’d love to go back sometime soon). I’m trying (and currently not succeeding) at completing the Munros (all 282 summits over 3000 feet in Scotland). I’ve done about 200 but at the current rate, it’ll take me another 15 years!

My work on Jenkins X

I’ve been working on Jenkins X full time since September 2018, but my involvement in the story goes back about 5 or 6 years when I met James Strachan and James Rawlings and got involved in Fabric8.

Since September I’ve mainly been focused on extensibility - how can you add capabilities to Jenkins X without contributing directly to the OSS project. This matters for a few reasons: firstly, it keeps the Jenkins X codebase from integrating with every known framework and service in existence; secondly, if your integration is proprietary you may not want to make it open source; and thirdly, it makes it easier for features to be optional.

I’ve worked on many other areas of Jenkins X - DevPods (added the Theia IDE), Prow (support for batch jobs, configuration) and quality of the Jenkins X codebase (coverage, observability) to name a few. I’ve written a Slack app that can tell you the status of your builds and PRs in Slack (we’ll open source soon).

I hang out on the Slack channels if you need to reach me. Always happy to help our community!

Real-World Jenkins X - Project Case Study

Paul  Dragoonis is a full-stack (DevOps, backend/frontend dev, QA/Testing, architect, CTO) software consultant based out of Scotland. He's been working commercially in software development for 15 years. He is also a contributor to our Jenkins Blue Ocean and Jenkins X projects. You can keep up with him via Twitter

About the Project

Paul worked with a FinTech Investment firm to deploy a new solution that allows for processing payments. This consisted of 1 API Backend (PHP) and 2 Frontends (NodeJS).

He used Jenkins X to provide his client with a Kubernetes Cluster, Jenkins Master, Blue Ocean pipelines and Preview Environments (UAT). 

Jenkins X's Preview Environments allowed each developer to have its own unique subdomain URL ( for each pull request on the client's three GitHub Repositories. Paul had to learn JX CLI, Skaffold, Helm, and more Kubernetes whilst debugging. Paul took the out-of-the-box preview Helm chart, provided by JX, for the API Backend and put in Nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis, MySQL.

Tech Stack Detail

- AWS EC2 Cluster
- Jenkins Master, with Blue Ocean
- Route53 Config
- Custom Skaffold templates for multiple images
- Custom JenkinPod Templates
- Custom Chart with multiple Service dependencies for NodeJS and PHP apps (nginx, nodejs, php-fpm, redis, mysql)

You'll find him on the Kubernetes Jenkins X Slack channels! Or follow him on Twitter

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