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Hello and welcome to the third issue of the Jenkins X newsletter.

A lot has happened in just two weeks.  In this issue, I share some noteworthy commits which translate into great features for Jenkins X (please help us, and star the repo!). I started a short video tutorial series to help users understand the plethora of options and features the Jenkins X Platform has. And of course, I also provide you with updates on the latest events and meetups happening around the world.

I hope you find this issue informative and as always, if you have feedback for me, simply reply and let me know your thoughts!

@SharePointOscar | Developer Advocate Jenkins X

Recent code changes

Ever feel like you'll never catch up with all the rapid changes of the Jenkins X Platform? I thought it would be great to highlight some recent commits that have been merged and which bring some awesome functionality. Please note, I will be developing tutorials and writing up docs for these soon!

Defaulting to using new image in GKE

This was more of an issue and how quickly we came together to resolve it. Recently several folks experienced an error when running pipelines. Via the Slack channel, we came together and worked through the problem. There was an issue in GitHub, which recommended a workaround that actually worked. The workaround was going to the GCP Console and changing the image used for the nodes in the GKE cluster to a newer image. Once the nodes were back up and running, we ran some pipelines and the error no longer appeared.

This was great, but here is the beauty of our community: Given that we used our Slack channels, James Strachan saw this and implemented a fix almost immediately. This meant no more workarounds or changes to your GKE nodes.

I highlight this for several reasons.
  1. Communicating issues on Slack has proven to be invaluable; it allows others to be in the know regardless of time zone.
  2. Changes in Jenkins X happen extremely fast and this change was timely for many of us, especially when we are tasked with giving live demos.
  3. It's critical to submit issues via GitHub when you see something wrong, and fill in all the areas so that it is clear what the issue is - this helps fix things faster!

Overriding build pack steps from your jenkins-x.yml

This long awaited feature is now merged. Steps can be replaced with a single step, multiple steps, or no step at all to remove them. In Part 1 of my post, I walk through how to add your own Tekton pipeline steps. In Part 2 (soon to be published), I'll explain how to override a specific step at a given stage.

Pipeline schema validation

Now you are able to validate your pipeline definition before deploying it. With the new CLI command jx step pipeline validate one can validate the contents of the jenkins-x.yml file. We plan on having a CI step to ensure the quickstarts and buildpacks themselves, have proper schema validation using this method.

Don't worry if this seems cryptic at the moment, we are working hard to develop in-depth docs and video tutorials!

Video Tutorial Series

I started a video tutorial series to help community members understand various aspects of the Jenkins X Platform. I will have tutorials on topics such as: using Teams, importing apps from Helm external repositories, Tekton pipelines, managing your Jenkins X infra and much more. The Jenkins X docs site will contain a section for all of these video tutorials soon.

If you have a suggestion for a topic, please do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter, and I will queue it up. For now, here is one of our first videos - enjoy!

Deploy a Java Gradle app and add custom Tekton Steps to Your Pipeline

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