Be a little nicer to yourself this week. 
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Mindset for Your Monday: Be easier on yourself.

We’re our own toughest critic and there’s no time that’s more obvious than when you’re striving for that perfect, instagrammable fit life.
But what happens when you forget your perfectly-portioned lunch on the train or your scheduled-to-a-T day goes off the rails and you miss your workout? Do you go into a spiral of, “I’m not trying hard enough,” or “I failed,” in your head?
Knock that ish off.
What would you say to a friend who was being that hard on him or herself? Here’s what we’d say:
You can’t be perfect all the time and when you’re not perfect acknowledge the setback and what caused it. Then learn from it and FORGIVE YOURSELF IMMEDIATELY.
You’re doing all of this positive work on your body, and your inner monologue can benefit from a workout too.
When you encounter a moment like this, ask yourself a couple of questions to help yourself get over it:
  1. What caused this setback?
  2. Could I have planned for this?
  3. What will I do differently next time?
Once you answer those things, you can avoid the downward spiral of  “I failed at healthy.”
Head into the week knowing that you’re going to “screw up.” So what? You’re a human being. The faster you can forgive yourself, the faster you can get back to the business of being healthy.

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