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Wholesale Newsletter:
New products, supply chain issues and hope for a better future!
Hi everyone,

Here we are in 2022 and here's hoping for a better time of it than the last couple of years! We have some new products to mention and issues with supply to discuss.

With the new Omicron strain ripping across the country it is inevitable that staff shortages in warehouses, distribution centres, courier companies and businesses having to suddenly close for a week, that supply is absolutely stretched to the limit and goods are either not available or taking much longer to arrive.

Be mindful of your stock levels and order ahead to avoid issues. Try to be adaptable if possible. 

Until next time...


New sustainable items for your food business.

There's a new range of FSC paper containers with lids. The containers and lids are lined with PLA which is compostable. These containers have a secure lid fit, making them a perfect solution for hot, greasy, and saucy food!

Available in kraft and white in four different sizes (500/650/750 and 1000ml) with paper, bioplastic and plastic lids. The paper and bioplastic lids are certified industrially compostable and the plastic lids can be recycled. Custom printing available and - as always - ask for samples if you want to see before you purchase.
We've expanded our home compostable sauce cup range so you can enjoy more sauces while putting the planet first!

Made from rapidly renewable and certified home compostable (AS5810) sugarcane pulp, our three new sauce cups with lids are perfect for condiments and sauces, including food sampling. The lids have been designed with a stacking indent that neatly nests onto the base – perfect for takeaway when speed is a necessity.
 Available in 30ml and 60ml each with its own lid and 90 and 120ml with a common lid.

A reminder to you that we have a range of strong FSC paper bags for takeaway/UberEats-type meals available in 5 convenient sizes.

Custom branding is available and samples sent on request.

Going Green Solutions is now a B Corp certified business!!

Going Green Solutions are proud to announce that we are now certified as a B Corp business. This means that we are recognised as socially and environmentally responsible business who put people and the environment before profits and we also donate to charity. I would personally like to thank Lucinda for all of her hard work in attaining the certification for us!

More palm leaf stock for the Summer season

After a very long lull in the opportunity for people to gather and enjoy, celebrate and let their hair down, we can all see the light over the horizon.
With this in mind we have stocked up on beautiful, 100% home compostable Areca palm leaf platters, plates & ever-popular heart shaped plates.
So organise your next special catering event and add this wow factor for your clients, then let the micro-organisms do the cleaning up in the compost.

On Sale!

If you order a pallet of 17 cartons of the Biopak toilet paper, we can sell it to you for $39 per box of 48 rolls (ex. GST). FSC certified & no excess packaging.

Free freight applies to certain areas.
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We are always keen to showcase businesses that are leading the way with sustainable practices. Send us a picture and a few words about your sustainable practices and we'll showcase you in our newsletter! Doesn't have to be huge - every little bit counts!

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Many thanks from The Going Green Solutions Team 

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