21st February 2022: Skip the Straw!
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Skip the Straw!

This Friday is National Skip the Straw Day, which is the perfect reminder for us all to go reusable.

We’re already seeing fantastic progress on single-use plastic bans across the country, bringing us closer and closer to a circular economy. For business owners, that means swapping to plastic-free packaging options, offering reusables and minimising plastics wherever possible. There are plenty of sustainable choices on the market that are biodegradable and easily composted - far better than dumping into landfills. For individuals and families, let your local cafes and restaurants know about greener options (we stock plenty on our website) and BYO reusables. Let’s make skipping the straw the norm!

Leakproof, insulated stainless steel and BPA free lid. Very strong and long-lasting. Sustainably ticks all the boxes.
Reusable wrap with a food-grade safe lining that will keep your sandwich fresh until you are ready to chomp it down.
Stainless steel knife, fork, spoon, straw, chopsticks all in a tidy little carry tin. You are sorted.
Silicone reusable straws for kids or people who are unable to use their hands to have a drink.
Choose from some lovely designs and have your own lightweight reusable coffee cup, made from sustainable bamboo.
Sustainability starts at any age, so why not early? Try these reusable yogurt squeeze pouches for your hungry little eco-warrior.

Locally made reusable mugs. The sale of each mug raises funds for female refugees and domestic violence survivors, as well as training them in animation to tell their stories.

Need a great all-rounder gift idea?

Want to help someone become more sustainable? Give an all-expenses-paid eco shopping adventure with one of our Gift Vouchers. Any value, snail-mailed or emailed... the choice is yours!

Encourage someone you know to embrace the green life!

Weekly Inspiration

As we enter the third year of this pandemic, it’s easy to worry about the build-up of disposable masks in landfill. Fortunately, RMIT researchers have found a way to repurpose them… into roads!

Check out their fascinating research on the RMIT website here.
With the rise of new variants, mask-wearing advice has changed; many of us are now opt for N95 masks over reusable cloth options to better reduce COVID-19 transmission. But how do we manage the environmental cost?

This ABC article provides some great advice for minimising waste and offsetting the impact of single-use masks while staying safe.

Green My Plate are making event catering items reusable AND hygienic. By thoroughly washing collected plates, bowls and cutlery, they’re safe for reuse at other events, cutting down on unnecessary single-use waste.

Check out their story over at Bank Australia’s website to learn more.

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Song of the week

The quiet song on The Saints' roaring punk debut…

Messin’ with the Kid - The Saints.

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