11th April 2022: Eco-Friendly Easter
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Make Your Easter Weekend Eco-Friendly

The Easter long weekend is just around the corner and no matter how you choose to celebrate it, there are plenty of sustainable ways to do so.

Fair Trade certified chocolate, compostable catering ware and low-waste Easter activities are all great ways to minimise your impact over the holiday. It’s the perfect time to catch up with family and spend time enjoying each other’s company, so slowing down and making intentional choices will be your best friend during this time. We’ve listed a few of our favourite products below to support you in making those choices as eco-friendly as possible; scroll down to take a look!

Hopefully, the Easter Bilby will drop off some of this delicious chocolate for you…or if you'd like to be on the safe side check out our special yummy offer for subscribers down below!

The 12 book series is based on permaculture principles. Get your kids interested in self-sufficiency and looking after the environment in a fun and educational way.

In the spirit of re-growth and growing and giving we present these lovely seed packs
Keep the biting mozzies away with the great insect repellent. A lovely natural smell that they hate.
Look stylish and keep your glorious flowing locks tamed with these lovely wooden hair clips.  
Native Bond bracelets donate proceeds towards conservation projects. A great gift for any young animal advocate!

This lovely Felt-a-Flower kit was created by local textile artist Elisabeth Bromley @WaysWeave to share the joys of hand felting.  Includes step-by-step picture-based instructions, all the simple tools, and materials needed, with recycled and up-cycled elements (including stickers made from Going Green Solutions PO label offcuts).

Have fun hand felting a flower, one of Easter’s most beautiful symbols. For more pics and info visit our website.

Need a great all-rounder gift idea?

Do you know a keen young eco-warrior? Why not treat them to a choose-your-own-adventure with one of our Gift Vouchers. Any value, snail-mailed or emailed... your choice!

Encourage someone you know to embrace the green life!

Weekly Inspiration

On their path to 100% renewable energy, South Australia has announced another wind farm to their grid. So proud to see the state being a world leader in its sustainability goals! 

Get crafty this Easter by creating colourfully-dyed eggs from common veggies or repurposing eggshells as planters with this guide from Gardening Australia.

Some family-friendly fun that won’t break the bank or create unnecessary waste.

Around three-quarters of Aussies agree it’s time to ban single-use plastics and we happily consider ourselves part of that cohort.

Find out more about how the world’s love affair with plastic is coming to an end and those leading the charge.

Special offer for Subscribers, April 2022

Get ready for a visit from the eco-friendly Easter bunny with a free block of Fair Trade-certified chocolate.

Simply purchase $50+ of items through our online store and add your choice of Alter Eco chocolate to your cart. Just add the code 04ECOEASTERBUNNY at checkout to get it for free!

(Please note - discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or codes.)
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Song of the week


Jesus at his funkiest. "What’s the Buzz/Strange thing mystifying" from Jesus Christ Superstar

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