4th April 2022: Next-Gen Sustainability
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Celebrating the Next Generation of Sustainability

Let’s face it: those of us that have been fighting against climate change for the last few decades will not be around to face the worst of its effects; instead, our children and grandchildren will be the ones grappling with a collapsing ecosystem. Naturally, we’re seeing a huge upswing in sustainable action from the younger generations, which we’re very proud to support.

While we still have a responsibility to educate, guide and continue fighting the good fight, now we stand alongside a new generation of eco-warriors doing the same. So as we celebrate National Youth Week, let’s turn our attention to the young ones leading the charge and ask how we can work together for a better future.

A funky and stylish upcycled bracelet made from cutlery will have your teen looking a cut(lery) above the rest!
Upcycled inner tubes are used to make this great going out bag. Small, but big enough for a night on the town.
An incredibly comfortable blend of bamboo and cotton make these beautifully-designed t-shirts a great fit.
Your party-loving teen can get glitzed up with biodegradable glitter that won’t harm the environment.
If your teenager has a green thumb then these heirloom seeds are just the packet they’re after!
Native Bond bracelets donate proceeds towards conservation projects. A great gift for any young animal advocate!

Love Bomb earrings really are the bomb…

Made from upcycled fragments from landmines and supporting survivors of said landmines too.

Need a great all-rounder gift idea?

Do you know a keen young eco-warrior? Why not treat them to a choose-your-own-adventure with one of our Gift Vouchers. Any value, snail-mailed or emailed... your choice!

Encourage someone you know to embrace the green life!

Weekly Inspiration

Amazing news from a small town in Western Australia!

Kalbarri has developed their own ‘microgrid’ made up of wind power and rooftop solar (with no fossil fuel backup), improving power reliability and their carbon footprint. Awesome community effort!

Curious about creating an energy-efficient home?

Take a look at Lucinda’s webinar with Yarra Valley Community Power Hub from late last year to learn more about DIY, assessments and training options, to name a few.

Cultivating a sustainable future starts with the lessons we teach at home.

If you’re not already passing on the tenets of slow living, here’s 5 great reasons to get your kids and grandkids on the permaculture path.

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Song of the week

The Department of Youth by Alice Cooper seems fitting for National Youth week!

We love your stories!

Share your going-green stories and inspire us all! Send us your story of something that has changed the way you or your family or community live. It would be great if a photo accompanied your story. Together we can create a sustainable world.  As a thank you, you will receive $5.00 off your next purchase from Going Green Solutions! Email us your stories HERE.***
***Stories do not have to be about Going Green Solutions Products specifically. We do, however, reserve the right to judge the suitability and good intent of the stories You will receive your gift of credit when the story is printed.

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