23rd May 2022: Easy Sustainable Cleaning
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Easy Sustainable Cleaning 💚 That won't cost the earth

As much as we love dirt in all the right places (ie the vege patch and compost heap), there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a sparkly clean home using sustainable, eco-friendly products.  We’ve got some great tips and tricks and terrific products to share with you this week ….that won’t cost the earth.

Scroll down for some of our faves and feel free to wander around our website or come and visit us in our Hurstbridge store for lots more, including some beautiful bamboo and coconut husk cleaning brushes. 💚

FYI, we’ve got heaps more info and how-to's on our YouTube Channel ‘The Gradual Greenie - Going Green Solutions’. Happy browsing in our green stories!       

Treat yourself with our premium all-natural Euclove Hand Wash range. It is made with love from Coconut and Neem Oil soaps and infused with premium pure essential oils that are good for your skin. 💚

An environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and plastic free bottle brush, made with Fair Trade principles! Made from the husk of the coconut, these eco-friendly kitchen brushes are plastic-free and biodegradable.

Who gives a Crap? We do! Hand towels made from sustainable sugarcane and bamboo with 50% of profits donated to water aid projects in the developing world.

A low PH carpet cleaner that is safe for your family, home and the environment. Safe for septic and grey water.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite…Euclove Mattress spray is a unique, natural way to help keep families safe from bed bugs, mites, and lice even as we sleep.

Blended with the powerful natural insecticide Indian Neem & Eucalyptus essential oils to help protect you from nasty bed bugs, lice, and mites. Enhanced with Vetiver and Lavender essential oils that are known to help reduce stress and anxiety so that you can settle in for a good night's sleep.

Why buy separate products for every cleaning task when you can use castile soap to cover them all? Locally made in Victoria, Australia, this castile soap is non-toxic, vegan & palm-oil free. 

Check out the great video 25 Different Ways to use Castille Soap down below.  Some ideas are sure to surprise and inspire you!


The last bag of pegs you will need for yonks!

Our grade 304 stainless steel pegs are resistant to rust and should last many decades if looked after, especially if brought in under cover after use rather than leaving them on the line.

If you live near the beach or in salty conditions, our marine-grade pegs will be more suited.

Need a great all-rounder gift idea?

Gift vouchers 
Do you know someone who needs a bit of pampering?  Why not treat them to a choose your own adventure with one of our Gift Vouchers. Any value, mailed or emailed, your choice!

Encourage someone you know to embrace the green life!

Weekly Inspiration

A great initiative to check out, the Roving Refills offer a refilling service for cleaning products, out the back of a foodtruck-like set up. Focusing on reducing the amount of plastic cleaning product bottles that end up in the environment, these two sisters are a great example of how to create positive change within the community.

Check out Blue Ollis on her home cleaning routine using Zero Waste cleaning products and  some homemade recipes. along with other sustainable tips + hacks. Some may surprise you!

25 Different Ways to use Castile Soap!

The odds of living green and not having heard of Castile Soap are pretty slim—but have you heard of 25 Different Ways to use it? We're pretty sure you'll get a fresh idea or two. Check this video out!

Special purchase offer for Subscribers, May 2022

In honour of International Compost Awareness Week, we're offering a discount to get you started in your kitchen.  Buy a Bokashi bucket and bokashi refill, and we’ll discount the entire price of the refill bag (value $12.95) Choice of three colours.

Use this code: 05ICOMPAW to activate the discount

(Please note - discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or codes.)
Browse our online shop for many more ideas for all custodians of Planet Earth

Song of the week

The album format as an art form seems to be fading. Here’s a reminder of why it’s so vital.

Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain


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