An MJ Sorority Risk Management bulletin.

Preparing for Winter Weather

The Northeast is currently experiencing Winter Storm Juno with blizzard-like conditions expected today. With more winter weather likely on the way, we wanted to share some winter weather reminders. Stay safe and warm!

Claims Corner

Last year, with the extreme winter weather, we had an increase in frozen pipe claims in southern states that typically do not experience harsh temperatures. Be sure to review our Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist - wherever you are located - to ensure that your facility is prepared for winter weather and cold temperatures.


Who to Contact

In the case of a claim, please contact MJ Sorority immediately
Heather Cox
Direct: 317-805-7587
Toll-Free: 888-442-7470 (ext. 7587)
Bev Stiles
Direct: 317-805-7582
Toll-Free: 888-442-7470 (ext. 7582)

National Weather Service

Keep up with the weather conditions at the National Weather Service website.

Protecting against slips, trips, and falls during winter

Reminders to keep your facility safe.

Last Minute Checklist

Make sure your chapter property is prepared for upcoming winter weather with this checklist.

Winter Roof Safety

During the winter storm season, it is important to monitor weather conditions and roof conditions to help protect against roof collapse.

Winter Weather Preparedness Checklist

Use our winter weather checklist to ensure your facility's safety.

Managing Snow

Additional tips to prepare for large amounts of snow. 

Contact us

Bookmark this webpage on what to do in the event of a claim for future reference.

Winter Driving Quiz

Test your knowledge to ensure you're prepared for winter driving.
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