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MJ Sorority Philosphies of Business

As we come to the end of 2014, we contemplate our philosophies of business listed below:
  • To develop our underwriting expertise in Greek organizations
  • To build strategic partnerships with our clients
  • To build strategic partnerships with our insurance company (s)
  • To support risk management education
  • To WOW our clients with our superior service
  • To support Greek initiatives and the Greek associations
  • To create a foundation for continuous improvement of policy service, technology and agency services
  • To create a stimulating learning environment for associates
  • To recognize and substantially reward exemplary associate performance

As the year winds down, we spend time reflecting and discussing how we can better partner with our clients in the coming year. The Sorority Division is committed to showing our passion for what we do by enjoying ourselves, while we work hard. We are committed to our "Philosophies of Business" as they represent our core values as a department.

Newest Resources

Bookmark this resource on what to expect when a liability claim occurs.
Review your Housing Agreement and compare it with our Important Terms for Housing Agreements.
We have many event planning resources. Check out a recent webinar on the topic for a review of our resources.
Winter weather is coming. Review some important driving safety reminders during adverse weather conditions.
We have 50+ frequently asked questions answered at the FAQs section of - check them out and let us know any that we've missed.
Do you need some material to develop a risk management presentation at your chapter? Check out our many claim examples - they make for great discussions on various risk management topics.

Winter Weather: Planning Ahead

As the seasons change, heavy precipitation, freezing temperatures, and damaging winds can have a negative impact on chapter houses that are not properly prepared. Cold weather preparedness is an important tool in reducing cold weather-related losses and helping to ensure that your chapter members are safe.

Please review the following recommendations to help you prepare for the cold weather and snow before winter sets in:

Pre-emergency Planning 

An adequately prepared facility with a well thought out and documented plan should result in a reduction of property loss. The ability to respond quickly should result in less claims. Review the following resources for help:



Keep informed of hazardous weather in your areas during the winter months. Bookmark the National Weather Service's website to monitor weather.

Roof Inspections

Roofs are a key property consideration in winter. Every year there are numerous reports of roof collapses from excess ice and snow accumulation. Many collapses occur in sections and happen gradually. Procedures should be in place for removing snow and ice from roofs, ensuring that appropriate safety precautions are taken. Life safety is critical.

Fire Prevention Considerations

Fire protection is always dependent on the readiness of your fire protection equipment on site. Severe cold weather can delay the response time of the local fire department, so it becomes imperative to maintain your fire prevention suppression systems.

In severe cold, water pipes have the potential to freeze and break. If safe to do so, make sure water pipes that are located in unheated or poorly heated spaces are shut off and drained. If heating is lost in a building protected by wet spinklers, sprinkler systems should be shut off and completely drained. Be sure to take appropriate precautions, including notifying local fire officials and MJ Sorority.


During Winter Weather

When actual winter weather occurs, it is important to follow the plan you have developed. Review the Winter Weather Checklist for important reminders during freezing temperatures and other cold weather concerns.

Claims Corner: Embezzlement Claims

Heather Cox, Claims Services Manager

Embezzlement claims are on the rise. We often see more frequent and more severe embezzlement claims during economic downturns. Because of the increase in claims, we wanted to remind you of the importance of reporting embezzlement claims as soon as you suspect that an embezzlement claim may have occurred. According to the policy language, it is a condition of coverage that the organization must:
  1. Give written notice to the insurance company at the earliest practicable moment, and in no event later than 90 days after the initial discovery
  2. Furnish affirmative proof of loss with full details to the insurance company at the earliest practicable moment, and in no event later than six months after initial discovery
We have had a recent claim that was not reported within 90 days of it being discovered, which jeopardizes the coverage available to the client in this situation. Unlike homeowner's insurance, there is no penalty under your organization's insurance program for submitting an incident, even if you're unsure whether or not it will arise to the level of a full-blown claim. It is in your organization's best interest to call us at any time that you suspect any type of embezzlement activity because of the strict reporting guidelines under the embezzlement coverage.

Embezzlement claims are often very difficult and costly to investigate, which is why we have negotiated with the insurance company on your behalf to add expense coverage to the policy. The expense coverage affords the client with $25,000 to spend to document the embezzlement for the purposes of the claim (e.g. moneys spent on forensic accountants, time to procure documents, etc.).

Refer your Insurance Overview for your location's specific limits and deductibles for all of the
coverages afforded under the insurance program, including embezzlement.

For more information about preventing embezzlement from occurring in the first place, review the Guide to Preventing Workplace Fraud from Chubb, the insurance company with whom we partner to provide the embezzlement coverage.

In the event that you suspect an embezzlement claim has occurred, do the following as soon as
  • Notify Bev Stiles or Heather Cox at MJ Insurance as soon as possible.
  • Remove all financial responsibilities from the individual immediately.
  • Begin the process of developing the details to the loss.

Bed Bug Insurance

A recent study by the National Pest Management Association suggests that we are on the threshold of a bed bug epidemic. College campuses are no exception and ridding these pests is time-consuming and expensive. Contact your Account Executive to learn more about our bed bug insurance solution.

Event Contract Review

We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number and complexity of contracts for chapter events. We have created several resources (including this Step-by-Step Guide) to help our clients' members and volunteers understand what to look out for when it comes to contracts for your events.

Check out additional event planning related resources at our website Library and e-learning modules!

MJ Sorority Division: Who To Contact

If you're planning an event or have a Certificate of Insurance requests, please contact Ruth Akers.
For property and workers' compensation claims, please contact Bev Stiles.
For all other claim questions, please contact Heather Cox.

For contact changes, please contact Allison Mrasek.
For educational resources and website related questions, please contact Sara Sterley.
For all other questions or requests, please contact your organization's Account Executive.

E-learning Webinars

Have a Claim?

Click here to find out what to do in the event of a claim.
Click here to find out what to do in the event of a claim.

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We are constantly updating our existing resources and developing new resources, so that we can enable our clients to proactively address trends before they become problematic.

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Contact Sara Sterley, Director of Risk Management Education, with your suggestions.
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