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IHSA is pleased to present its selection of humanitarian blog posts #22.

This week we feature migration to Europe and the deadly consequences of actions to stop it. The most obvious are the pushbacks from Greece, Italy, Malta, France and the UK, in response to desperate people crossing the Mediteranean or the Channel to reach safety.  The last two weeks' posts reveal drownings, return to countries at war, and unsafe detentions; all in contravention of International Refugee Law.  Covid-19 has made conditions worse as social distancing and hygiene measures are impossible in overcrowded camps and for the many who are forced to sleep rough. Asylum procedures have halted or slowed down.  While migration to reach safety in Europe – and the pushbacks – have a long history, the anti-migrant narrative in 2020 has hardened.  These week’s posts also highlight how Covid worsens existing vulnerabilities and marginalisation, in countries like Sudan, Peru and India, adding to the drivers of forced migration.   

We hope you enjoy the read!
Our selection for the weeks: 17th-30th August
Migration to Europe, pushbacks and humanitarian consequences
Why so many Sudanese are prepared to risk their lives to reach the UK
By: Margie Buchanan-Smith and Susanne Jaspars
Via: ODI Blog

#Europe #migration, refugees and IDPs

“I knew the UK was the former occupier of Sudan, that it was democratically governed, and that it respects human rights”. However, the only way they can claim asylum in the UK is if they actually reach British soil... Read more
On the impact of Covid-19 on displaced individuals across Europe
By: Refugee Rights Europe
#Europe #migration, refugees and IDPs 

As the far-right and some European governments have started capitalising on the spread of covid-19 to feed into anti-migrant narratives, it must be repeatedly emphasised that there is no evidence indicating that displaced people would be bringing this virus into their countries of refuge. Read more
Greece has a deadly new migration policy – and all of Europe is to blame
By: Daniel Trilling - Via: The Guardian
#Europe #migration, refugees and IDPs 

Every time Athens pushes a refugee boat away, it’s the result of an entire continent acting in its perceived self-interest. Read more
I’ve been watching desperate people seek protection in Europe for 20 years – it’s time the narrative, and policies, changed
By: Heaven Crawley - Via: The Conversation
 #Europe #migration, refugees and IDPs

There is no pragmatic policymaking or acknowledgment that many of those crossing the Channel in search of protection come from countries in which there is well-documented conflict and human rights abuse. There is no admission that it is actually impossible for anyone to legally enter the UK in order to claim asylum, as is their right under international law. No acknowledgement that people are not obligated under international law to claim asylum in the first country they arrive in. Read more
 عالقون بين كوفيد وأوروبا العدائية -المهاجرون واللاجئون السودانيّون في بلجيكا
By: Susanne Jaspars - Via: African Arguments
#Europe #migration, refugees and IDPs

 هذه التدوينة أولاً تُسلِّط الضوء على الأسباب التي تجعل السودانيين يعلقون في بلجيكا، وثانياً تبحث في المخاطر التي يواجهونها؛ الظروف المعيشية البائسة التي يعيشونها، وثالثاً كيف تضخمت هذه الظروف خلال جائحة كوفيد-19، وأخيراً تضع التدوينة في الاعتبار ما الذي نحتاج لفعله، وما الذي نحتاج لمعرفته لحمايتهم ومساعدتهم على نحو أفض قراءة المزيد
L’humanitaire peut-il être illégal ? Le principe de fraternité et les noyés de la Grande Bleue
Par: Magali Chelpi-den Hamer
Via: Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques

 #Europe #migration, refugees and IDPs

C’est une nouvelle qui est passée presque inaperçue dans la moiteur estivale et le chassé-croisé du 15 août. Le Sea-Watch 4 a pris la mer le samedi pour porter secours aux migrants en Méditerranée. « Encore ! », diront les humanitaro-sceptiques. « Encore un navire qui facilitera le travail des passeurs ! ». « Enfin ! », diront beaucoup d’autres. Enfin, après près de deux mois passés sans aucune opération civile de recherche et de sauvetage en Méditerrané. Aller à l'article
Blog posts and op-eds related to Covid-19
Rethinking vulnerability in the era of COVID-19
By: Melanie Book and Rachel Coghlan 
Via: Centre for Humanitarian Leadership

#Covid-19 #Global #aid policy and practice

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to reconsider our understanding of who is vulnerable, to what, and why. COVID-19 not only reminds us of the need to recognise individual agency as well as risk but is also recalibrating notions of vulnerability at a global level. Read more
How COVID-19 is tragically exposing systemic vulnerabilities in Peru
By: Kattia Talla and Andrew M. Fischer 
Via: ISS Blog - Bliss

#Covid-19 #South America

Peru has emerged as one of the worst impacted countries in terms of confirmed deaths per capita. While much of the blame has been focused on people’s behaviour, the crisis ultimately points to deep overlapping structural inequalities within the social protection, employment, and health systems, which austerity and reform have not resolved and in some cases worsened. Read more
Lessons from the HIV epidemic can teach us resilience in the face of COVID-19
By: David Gold and Mandeep Dhaliwal  - Via: devex
#Covid-19 #Global #aid policy and practice

In many ways, COVID-19 is the newest iteration of a decades-long struggle for equality and justice: too often, the most vulnerable are stigmatized, denied access to care, and left out of key decisions that directly impact their health. Read more
Local Authorities in Tunisia Face Challenges of Post-COVID Economic Recovery
By: Afef Hammami Marrakchi  - Via: Arab Reform Initiative
#Covid-19 #Northern Africa #aid policy and practice

What role can local authorities in Tunisia play as part of the country’s response to Covid-19? This post examines the opportunities offered to Tunisian municipalities (communes) by the Local Government Act but also the real constraints – human, logistical, and financial – that these new devolved structures face as they seek to play a key role in the recovery. Read more
The dramatic effects of covid-19 on everyday life in Gadarif
By: Hussein Sulieman  - Via: Chr. Michelsen Institute
#Covid-19 #Northern Africa #politics

Gadarif in Eastern Sudan has been one of the country’s covid-19 hotspots.  Precarious food supplies and lacking border control could mean that the chances of containing the pandemic are slim. Read more
India Is in Denial about the COVID-19 Crisis
By: Jean Drèze  - Via: Scientific American
#Covid-19 #South Asia

India is now ahead of all other countries in terms of the number of new recorded COVID-19 cases per day—close to 70,000 in mid-August. That’s about one fourth of world-wide new cases. Only two countries are anywhere close: Brazil and the United States; and India has lagged behind those two countries in achieving a reduction in daily cases. Read more
Blog posts and op-eds related to Humanitarian studies
International aid can help Lebanon rid itself of its ruling junta
By: Sami Halabi - Via: The New Humanitarian
#Western Asia #politics #aid policy and practice

The blast that flattened a large section of Beirut just over two weeks ago created a pivotal moment for the international aid system: Donors and agencies can choose to be complicit in a power structure that supports the ruling junta, or they can take a principled stance that helps us rid ourselves of our corrupt leaders and rebuild the better Lebanon we all know can exist. Read more
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