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Dear Active learners and friends,

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Active English 

What's the English for 'buka puasa'?

During the Ramadan month, we constantly receive this question: what's the English for 'buka puasa'? Some of you might have the same question. So what is the English for 'buka puasa'? Here's some ways to say it:

  1. (acara) buka puasa: fast breaking
  2. berbuka puasa: break the fast
  3. (makanan atau kegiatan) buka puasa: iftar/ Ramadan dinner

See the more detailed explanation here.  

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23 July 2013 Happy National Children's Day (Selamat Hari Anak Nasional)
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American or British English?

On 21 July 2013 we had a small discussion on Twitter. The topic is considered to be one of the hottest topics in English learning: American English vs. British English. Which one do our Active friends prefer? Here's what they said.

American English. Easier to use the and more familiar for Indonesian. There's no accent better than others.

Well, American sounds familiar to me but British accent is cool =) . Can't choose xD

I prefer both of them because I think they are very important in English, so we could know the difference between them.

None is better, they both have the same function: to communicate with one another.

I love British English, sounds sexier!

How about you? Which one do you prefer?
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Student's Testimonial

Well done! Too bad there isn’t enough time spent on the course. The session I found the most useful is giving directions to guests. I got some new English words. My suggestion is to make this course as permanent program. This is a good chance for the team to learn.
Thomas, Conrad Bali, Hospitality English
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