E-Newsletter | Vol. 1 | June | 2013
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Promoting active learning and creative thinking

Note from the Editor

Dear Active learners and friends,

We are very delighted to finally launch our first volume of Active English: Learners' Guide e-newsletter. Our initial purpose of making the e-newsletter was to provide a handy and useful medium that helps English learners in Bali and Indonesia with their English learning process.

As the Indonesian proverb says, "Tak kenal maka tak sayang," in this first volume we would like to introduce ourself. As we are trying to keep up with the needs of today's English learners, we would also like to keep you updated with all the info and tips related to English and English learning.

In #BadEnglish you can see how literally bad English can be fatal. You will also learn the difference between 'thank God' and 'thanks God', and know which one you should always choose. Another tip is how to become an active learner, something that we highly encourage our students to be.  

Finally, we hope this e-newsletter can really be your guide in your English learning. If you have any suggestion about what to discuss in the newsletter, send us an email. At last, have a blessed June! :-)


Active English

Thank God vs. thanks God

Which one is correct: 'thank God' or 'thanks God'? If you answer and usually say 'thanks God', then you've got it WRONG. The right phrase would be: "Thank God." Without 's' after the word 'thank'. So remember, it's, "Thank God!" NOT, "Thanks God!" Read more here.

Brought to you by @EnglishTips4U, Indonesia's first and only Twitter-based English learning portal. Go follow us on Twitter! :-)

Student's Testimony

I would definitely recommend this course to other people. First the price of this course much more affordable than another course I know in Bali which is the popular one and from what I heard what occurred in the popular one is not as good as what I found in here which is related to the second reason: the way how the course occurred I found it comfortable as the teacher would go through everything that you’ve practised, the good and the wrong ones, so you really get to know how well you did it.

Savitri Sastrawan, Student, ISI Denpasar, IELTS Preparation Class, January 2013
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About Active English

Active English is Denpasar-based in-house English training and private tutoring provider (penyedia pelatihan dan les privat bahasa Inggris). Starting our services in December 2010, we serve corporate and individual English training needs in Denpasar and Badung, Bali.

With mottos "promoting active learning and creative thinking; advancing in innovative and creative teaching", our aim is to be the solution in providing English programs that meet the needs of the industries and professionals. 

Our programs range from English for Specific Purpose (ESP), Hospitality English, IELTS & TOEFL Preparation, and English for Kids & Teenagers. We also provide English teacher training program, online English tutoring, and translation services. Visit our site

#BadEnglish: DON'T ENTRY
#GoodEnglish: DO NOT ENTER

Are you an active learner?

If you do any of these, then you are. 
  1. You know your learning goal.
  2. You are always motivated to learn.
  3. You don't wait for other people to give you the 'knowledge', but you actively search for the knowledge.
  4. You are curious, creative, and critical.
  5. You take control of your own learning.
Why should you be an active learner? Active learner is proven to be a more successful and effective learner. They reach their goal faster and usually with much better result. [AE]

Getting to know our Director of Studies

Retno Sofyaniek, or 'Ms Neno' as she's often called by her colleagues and students, has been an English teacher for more than 5 years. She mostly teaches adults Hospitality English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Besides leading Active English's teacher team and teaching English, she has also been involved in a number of communities related to education, both online and offline. 

Her love for sharing knowledge (especially English) made her found 
@EnglishTips4U, a Twitter based English learning portal that is popular among young Indonesians. In seeing the need for English teachers to connect and collaborate, she founded Indonesian English Teachers' Club on Facebook in 2012. You can learn more about Ms Neno on LinkedIn.
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