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When you pass through the waters,
I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers,
they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire,
you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.
Isaiah 43:2

Believe it or not this wonderful verse from Isaiah isn't actually what inspired the name for our creative community (that was Ezekiel 47). It does however seem like a great way to begin this update! We pray that you would know God's presence and peace through the challenging waters of life. We encourage you to take the step of faith of lifting up a song of praise in the middle of present challenges!
Last time we wrote to you we'd just released our single 'River'. Since then we've also released 'Wake Up My Soul' as a single and then last Friday we released an EP also entitled 'River'. A huge thank you to everyone who has taken the time to listen to these songs. It is available to stream on all the usual platforms. Click on the album artwork below to take a listen.


We've put together lyric videos of some of the songs on the EP. You can watch them on our YouTube channel. If you're involved in putting together church services or worship gatherings and would like to use any of these videos get in touch and we'll send them across.

We are already working on new songs for our next project so stay tuned for new music later in the year.
Here is the lyric video for 'Hearts On Fire'. Feel free to dance along!

In our last update you heard from Matt, about his passion for creativity, for worship and for researching and buying new musical equipment. This month we find out a little bit more about Dave. Remember if there are any questions you think we should be asking in the future let us know. Over to Dave:

Name? Dave.

What do you do in Through The Waters?
I try and make playing Bass seem interesting. I’ve also been known to do a bit of graphic design and video editing as well.. but I keep that quiet, otherwise people start to think I'm cool.

How do you spend your time beyond Through The Waters? 
I spend far too much of my time watching film and TV… (mostly Marvel related). I enjoy watching Football, although being an Arsenal fan makes that slightly less enjoyable a lot of the time. I used to enjoy playing Football as well, until Boris said I couldn’t.. so I have instead taken up running, which is fun. I also have 2 amazing kids, who I love spending time with… (That probably should have gone first…)

Through The Waters is all about creativity, community and worship. In one sentence each what do these words mean to you?
Creativity: The outlet that God has given me to express myself and worship him.
Community: Doing life together. Including the messy stuff. 
Worship: Giving back to God using what He has given me. 

What is your favourite Through The Waters memory? Tough question… 
On one hand there is leading thousands of adults and young people in worship over the years at various events, which is always just the best thing ever, especially being able to do it with a group made up of my best friends.

But on the other hand there is hiding our sound engineers comfy leather chair in the middle of an abandoned swimming pool... 
or spending far too long creating the most 80’s sounding backing track just so we could play a Jesus Culture song…

(It’s obviously the first one.)

Tell us something about yourself that you don’t think many people know?
I can actually play the Bass… 

What are your hopes and dreams from Through The Waters for the future?
Okay serious answer time… 

I think my immediate hopes are to keep making more music, that is my personal creative outlet. Beyond that, I really want people to see what we do as an encouragement to be confident in, and use, their creativity. If you like music, use it. If you like painting, use it. If you like filming and editing videos, use it. If you like journalling, story telling, poetry, then use it. This then feeds into my long term dream of building up a community of creative worshippers, using their gifts in true authentic worship to God. 

At the moment you're in the process of job searching which has been a bit of a challenge. How has God been using this time to speak to you about identity and how would you encourage anyone else who is currently struggling to find work?
Yes.. Job searching is a challenge at the best of times, let alone in times like we find ourselves in currently.. 

While it has been frustrating being out of work, I believe God has been using this time to push me into opening up more creatively and express myself more through music and design. I have been teaching myself video editing, Music production and graphic design and I am loving it. Where these skills are going to take me, I have no idea yet, but God knows and he has allowed me to develop them for a reason, so I am excited about that.

My advice and encouragement for anyone struggling to find work at the moment, is keep praying, keep seeking God and what He is saying to you, where He is leading you. Look at what he has already done for you, the gifts and skills He has given you, look at how you can those to help you decide what you want to do. He has a plan for your life and while it is annoying not knowing what those plans are, we can be confident that they are 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’

Hope that helps!             

And quick-fire ‘favourites’ to end:
  • song? …  At the moment, anything off of the album Final Straw - Snow Patrol
  • book? …  Not a massive book reader.. so I’ll cheat and say The Bible
  • Bible verse? … Philippians 3:12-14
Thanks for sharing in our news. We would love to hear from you...what creative projects are you working on at the moment? What is inspiring you? How can we be praying for you and how can we support each other on this journey? 

Lots of love,

Through The Waters

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