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November 2017 Newsletter

December 3, 2017
The Cross Country Season ended at the beginning of November, and our Indoor Season began. High School and older athletes were already well into their Indoor Season, and now the JD and Track Rascal groups have begun. Athletes who were part of the Cross Country season are reminded that they must re-register for the Indoor Season if they are continuing to train with the club.

High School Cross Country

The High School Cross Country season ended with the BC High School Cross Country Championships, held at Jericho Beach Park in Vancouver on Nov. 4. Many of our high school cross country athletes competed in this meet.

Coach Ian Polos provided the following information about the results from the BC High School Championships.

JD Cross Country

Our Junior Development Cross Country Season came to an end with the District Cross Country Championships held at Dallas Elementary on Oct. 11,  and the final meet of the year on Oct. 13, the Dufferin Billy Goat Run near Dufferin Elementary.

Coach Miriam Dziadyk wrote the following about their season.

Many thanks to our Cross Country coaches who provided direction and support for our athletes. It was great to have you there to ensure our athletes had the opportunity to train and participate in the various meets throughout the city and the province.

Inside TCC

On November 6th, club members were able to begin using the renovated track inside the Tournament Capital Centre. We are especially pleased with the layout of the new track. No longer do we have the narrow lanes with strange markings for the straight-away sprint lanes and the lanes on the oval. Now, all lanes are the same width, with alternating blue and grey coloring.

It will take a bit of time to adjust to the lane numbering system, but it is something that we feel we can live with.
There are still some modifications that have to be completed, such as the location and storage of the Pole Vault and High Jump pits, and the location and orientation of the throwing circles for competitions. We met with the city and the architect to discuss these issues, and work is continuing with the goal of having all these items in place for our first Indoor Track and Field meet in February.


We held our first Mini-Meet of the Indoor Season on Thursday, Nov. 30. In order to fit within the time constraints of our use of the track and field facility, we are limited to the number of events we can offer. Generally, we offer a 60m sprint, High Jump, and Long Jump. We are usually able to get everyone who wants to run, through the 60m sprint. It is harder to get athletes through the Long Jump and the High Jump, again, due to the time it takes to get everyone these events.
The purpose of the Mini-Meets is to provide practice for our athletes under track meet conditions. Athletes have the opportunity to start with the firing of the gun, and we are able to record their times with an iPhone app that records them as they cross the finish line. The times aren't as accurate as our photo finish cameras are, but provide a similar picture and times close to hundredths of a second. The two photos shown here are a couple of the 11 races as the athletes were crossing the finish line.


Approaching the Christmas Break

While training is continuing in December, we are getting close to the time when we will break for Christmas. Athletes and parents should discuss their plans for the break. Will they be doing some training over the holiday? When will they stop workouts this month? When will training begin again in January? Coaches will have a good idea of their plans during the next few weeks, and it is important that families know the plans for their athletes.

Track Rascals

This session of Track Rascals is rapidly coming to an end. The final practice will be on Wednesday, December 13. Then Coach Dayl will take a break from Track and Field until January.

The next session for Track Rascals begins on Wednesday, January 10 at the same time as this past session. Families are reminded that they will need to register again for this next session. Most of the current athletes have already paid their BC Athletics fees for 2018. If you are planning on registering for the next session and you are not sure if you owe the BC Athletics fee, please contact Brian Beck, Registrar in order to check. You can email him at

Registration Concerns

There are still some athletes who have not registered for the Indoor Season and who are training with the club. If you haven't yet registered, you must do so right away. Your fees are needed to help us pay your coaches, pay for the use of the facility, and to help us replace and repair our very expensive equipment.

We cannot survive without the coaches and our equipment that is used in every practice and during the meets that we sponsor. Most of the people who make the club work are volunteers, but your coaches are paid employees and we must be able to compensate them for the many hours that they put in for you.

Information on Upcoming Events

  • Jan 8 - Practices resume for all groups after Christmas break
  • Jan 10 - next Track Rascal session begins
  • Jan 25 - Mini-Meet #2
  • Feb. 9-10 - Gary Reed Indoor Meet
  • Feb. 28 - Mini-Meet #3
  • Feb 28 - Track Rascal session ends
  • Mar 9-11 - Van Ryswyk Indoor Invitational / BC Masters Indoor Championship
  • Mar 30 - Indoor Season ends
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