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The Indoor Season is Over. Now the Outdoor Season Begins

April 2, 2018
Thursday, March 29 was the final session for the Indoor Season. All Indoor programs are now finished, and we begin our Outdoor Season programs on Tuesday, April 3. All athletes who plan to continue training with the club and our coaches must re-register for this season at our Online Registration System. To get there, please follow this link - Zone4 Online Registration.

Thank you to those who have already gone online and registered for the Outdoor season. We require all athletes to register before they begin training, so if you haven't done so yet, please remember that you need to register by practice on Tuesday.

Club Track Clothing

Ian Wood has informed me that he will be at the track on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at about 6:00. He will be near the Pole Vault shed to collect orders for clothing. If the weather is poor, and athletes have to move inside, he will be near the throws cage inside.

Van Ryswyk Indoor Meet / BC Masters Indoor Championship

On March 9 to 11, we held out second Indoor Track meet of the season. The City of Kamloops worked hard to come up with fixes to our concerns from the Gary Reed meet, and these changes helped a lot to allow this meet to run smoothly. There are still some concerns that have to be addressed, but our hope is these will be looked at while we are outside, and ready to go for the indoor meets next year.

Once again, we had the largest team competing, with 45 of our club members working to improve their performances.

There were 10 of our Masters who competed in their provincial Indoor Championship, with a number of very fine performances. It was great to see them out there competing against the other Master athletes from around the province. We even had a few athletes come up from Bellingham to join us at this meet.

Also from our Club, 17 JD athletes (9-13) participated in the meet, 4 Midgets (14-1 competed, 8 Youth (16-17) performed, 6 Junior (18-19) competed against themselves and the other athletes from around the province who were here.

Results from the meets can be viewed on our Meet Results page. Meet photos submitted by Derm and by Miriam C, are also linked below the results.

Upcoming Meets

Dylan Armstrong Throws Competition

Many of our throws athletes have been working outside for about a month to get ready for the Outdoor season. Coaches Dylan and Bondarchuk have had them throwing despite the snow on the ground. Now that the snow has melted, we are having a Throws Competition on Saturday, Mar. 31 (likely before this newsletter goes out).

Best Western Battle of the Border

This is a high school meet that we have had in Kamloops for a number of years. It is a very busy, 1-day meet, with schools from Alberta and BC here to compete in their first shot at an outdoor meet this year.

This meet takes place at Hillside Stadium on April 28th. Schools from Alberta will begin arriving in Kamloops in the afternoon on Friday, ready to start competing at 9:00 am on Saturday. This meet is sanctioned by BC Athletics and by BC High School Sports and will feature high-quality competition between schools from both provinces.

Dylan Armstrong Classic

The following weekend, we have our next club meet. This is another track meet where we want to get as many of our athletes competing as possible. Thus, club members who are registered with the club in the Outdoor season are eligible to receive their first 3 events for free as an incentive to get involved. This meet is also the Zone 2 Qualifying meet for Midgets hoping to attend the BC Summer Games this year. All of our 14-15-year-old athletes should be attending this competition in order to have a chance for selection.

Information about the Dylan Armstrong Classic will be posted very shortly on our Meets page on the website. Please be watching for this information to ensure you are able to attend.

North and West Zones High School Meet

On the following Tuesday, May 8, high school athletes from the North and West Okanagan zones will gather at Hillside Stadium to attempt to qualify for the Okanagan Championship meet, which is the qualifying meet for the BC High School Championships. Athletes compete for their schools, whether they are members of our club or not. Therefore, it is imperative that any high school athletes who wish to compete in this and the following High school meets, check with their school Athletic Directors to ensure they have been registered with BC School Sports. There is a deadline for this, so please do it very soon.

The rules about how many events each school may have competitors entered and the divisions that athletes compete in are very strict. Please look at the criteria in the documents that will be available on our website, on the Meets page, shortly.

Hopefully, your school will register you for the meet, but if they don't, you will be responsible for getting yourself registered for this first Zone meet.

Okanagan Championships

This meet takes place at Hillside Stadium on Tuesday, May 15. It is strictly an invitational meet, and athletes are invited from their performances at their respective Zone meets. Kamloops is in the West Zone, so all athletes from schools in the West Zone will be selected by their performance on May 8.

Following this meet, the Okanagan zone athletes will be selected to attend the Provincial Championship, depending on their performance at the Okanagan Championship.

Around these high school meets, the Elementary School meets will also be taking place at Hillside Stadium. The 4 sports zones in the district have been assigned a specific day for their zone competitions, and the top athletes in the events will be invited to represent their Zone at the District Championship meet on Thursday, May 17. Again it is important for athletes from our club who want to attend the District Championship to speak with the teacher(s) from their school to let them know what events they have skills in.

Club Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held at TCC on Tuesday, March 27, following the parent meeting regarding the Manure Sale. It was gratifying to see the club members who attended the AGM and voiced their opinions and feelings about how things were going with the club. There was some healthy discussion which the executive members will have to consider during the upcoming year.

All positions of the Board were acclaimed, once again. It is something we would hope to have more parents attend and run for some of the positions so that our club continues to thrive. Many of us on the Board of Directors are getting older, and some will not be continuing in our positions after this year. We had a suggestion to provide a description of the things that the various executive positions require, so we are working on that and hope to have it ready to publish by the end of June.

Your Board of Directors for 2018 are:
  • President - Judy Armstrong
  • Vice President - (none)
  • Chair - Gene Sanderson
  • Secretary - Miriam Cavani
  • Treasurer - Janet Riley
  • Registrar - Brian Beck
  • Directors - Alwilda Van Ryswyk, Dayl Dhaliwal, Patti Swoboda, Nicole Ritter

Manure Sale

Our annual Manure Sale fundraiser has begun with the delivery of flyers throughout the city. Thank you to those families who attended the meeting after practice on Tuesday and collected their flyers for delivering around their neighborhoods. We still need lots of help to get the word out, although orders have already started to come in.

The next job, once the flyers are done is the bagging of manure. We only need a few folks for this, so if you are interested in this part, please contact Judy Armstrong to let her know of your interest. There may not be any positions left if you leave it too late.

The final part of the Manure Sale is to deliver the bags that have been sold. For this task, we require all families to participate. This is not one of the Volunteer Fee refund activities but is one that everyone must attend. The main day for deliveries is Saturday, April 21, so please put that day aside to help your club raise funds so that we can keep registration costs as low as possible.

The following is a letter from Judy Armstrong, Club President with a message to all our athletes and families.

Manure sale time is coming up and the success of this club depends upon it. We use the money raised to pay
our rent. Delivery date is April 21/2018. Please mark it on your calendar as we need each and every
club member and family to come out and help us get through this day! Start time is 8:30 am on April 21/2018.

The bagging will take place on Saturday and Sunday, April 14/15. Due to the wet weather, we are hoping
this will be a better weekend but rain or shine we will go ahead. We have a small bobcat that will help us
and we should be able to get through the days with no problem to bag 3000 bags.

We will need about 10 people for 4 hours for the following shifts on Saturday and Sunday:


On another note, we are looking for a room and board situation for an athlete from Puerto Rico that will be coming to Kamloops for 3 months to train with Dr. B as soon as he can find a place to live. He is sponsored by the IAAF and NACAC and we look forward to welcoming him to Kamloops and our club. He will train twice a
day, 5 days per week with Thursday and Sunday off. We are looking for a place close to the track. He is
hoping to improve his personal best to represent his country and we are excited for him to come here. Please contact Judy Armstrong if you have room, or if you know of someone who does.

Information to athletes and parents while at a meet

We have had many athletes not sure how the Competition Numbers part works. Competition numbers are assigned by the Meet Secretary to each registered athlete. At our level, that number is something that is needed at each event that you have entered. Without it or with the wrong number, Officials will not usually let the athlete compete.

We seem to have athletes forgetting or losing their competition numbers, especially when the meet takes place over more than one day. Everyone should be aware that these numbers cost us quite a bit to get printed, so they are part of the expenses at a meet that your entry fees help pay for.

Like everything else, costs are increasing, so we are going to have to raise the amount that we charge for replacing competition numbers that have gone missing. We have been charging $1 per replacement number, but that amount will now go up. We have yet to determine what that replacement cost will be, but it could be anywhere from $2 to $5. Please be aware of this at our meets, as well as at other meets you may attend to represent our club.


Who are these folks who run the events for the athletes? What do they know about these events? How do they become officials?

All good questions. Kamloops Track and Field Club has a large group of very dedicated officials. We apparently have the largest number of officials in the province, and meets that are put on in Kamloops are run very professionally by this group of dedicated officials. They make sure that the event is run properly, following the IAAF rules, and any other rules by the different governing bodies of the sport. They encourage and assist athletes if they are unsure about something (as far as the rules will permit). They make sure that the event is fair for all athletes who are competing.

Officials, when they first begin officiating, go through some coaching by experienced officials, and attend a level 1 clinic put on by the Official's committee of BC Athletics. Then they work as a Level 1 official at the various events in meets to get a rounded idea of each of the events and the officiating tasks.

After a designated amount of time, these new officials attend a Level 2 workshop and usually move up to a Level 2 official. Here again, they are learning more officiating skills, and are often mentored by more experienced officials in the various events. They become knowledgeable about the rules of the events, how the events run, the various tasks that are required for the various events, and how to provide a fair competition.

From there, if an official wishes to advance their knowledge in specific events, they are able to begin specializing. Level 3 workshops and activities, along with working at specific events for a period of time provide the necessary competencies for advancement. when ready, an official can request an assessment of their work and are then mentored by experienced officials in the event and have reports written on their skill development, their strengths, and where they may need some further development. This leads to their Level 3 Officials qualification, and allow them to Chief at club level and provincial events.

From there, Officials may decide to further advance to Level 4, and Level 5. These designations require further time and experience at the specialized events of their choosing, moving them to National level officials and finally to International level officials. As with the lower levels, mentoring and assessment take place to ensure that the officials are learning the tasks that are necessary to provide for a fair competition.

As was indicated at the beginning of this section, Kamloops has a large group of very dedicated and experienced officials. We have officials from Level 1 through to Level 5, and the skills and knowledge of these officials are astounding.

If you are interested in becoming an official or would like to see what an official does, don't hesitate to speak with someone in the club. Kamloops Track and Field Club and BC Athletics are always looking for more officials, and we encourage younger people with the interest to get involved as well.

See some photos of our Officials at work during the 2018 Van Ryswyk / BC Masters Indoor Championship.
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