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Season Registration and Program Start

Welcome back to our newsletters. It has been quite a while since our last newsletter, so this is the first of them for our 2019-2020 season.This newsletter will contain information about the Cross Country and Indoor seasons, and then a review of what has happened for some of our athletes since June this year. As well, there will be a bottle drive this month, and in partnership with BC Athletics, there is a Throws camp being held towards the end of September.

First the start of our seasons

Cross Country Season

Our Cross Country season starts  during the week of September 9. There are 2 groups who begin this week. For those who were registered for our Outdoor season  in 2019, this program is offered for free. Those athletes will already be members of BC athletics and when they register online, can choose the option that indicates they were members for the Outdoor season and also the BC Athletics fee has already been paid.

For those not registered for the Outdoor season, they will have to select the registration option that indicates this and pay the Cross Country season fee of $75 per athlete. If the athlete has a current 2019 membership with BC Athletics, that can be indicated so no fee is charged. If not, then select the appropriate fee (using the year of birth for the 2020 competition season) and this BC Athletics registration will be good until the end of December, 2020. The only issue would be if the athlete was a member of BC Athletics in 2018, and then they would have to register for 2019 first, and pay that fee, and then renew the BCA membership in Jan. 2020. This is a difficult option to understand, but those are BC Athletics rules, not ours.

Middle Distance (13 and older)

First is our Middle Distance group which is for those athletes who are 13 and older. Coach Sean Lehmann will meet with his athletes on Monday, Sept. 9 on the track at Hillside Stadium at 4:30. This practice will go until about 6:00 pm. After the first practice, Coach Sean may decide to move locations around, depending on Cross Country meets, training sessions with TRU athletes, and to add variety to the types of terrain athletes will train on. They will meet Mon/Wed/Fri.

Junior Development (9 - 13)

Next is our JD group for athletes 9-12 and those 13-year-olds who would rather be with this group. These athletes will meet with Coach Miriam Dziadyk  at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, Sept 10 on the track at Hillside Stadium. Coach Miriam may decide to move locations some of the time, but the majority of the practices will be for training purposes at Hillside Stadium. This JD program will go through until after the School District Cross Country Championship which generally takes place towards the end of October.

For both groups, the Indoor Season begins in early November and will require registration for that season. Athletes who are interested in registering for all 3 seasons that our club offers (Cross Country, Indoor, Outdoor), we offer an annual fee during the months of September and October at a bit of a reduction, so this may be something to consider when registering.


Track and Field Programs

For those athletes not interested in Cross Country, our HIgh School and older Track and Field groups also begin the week of September 9. The Throws group begin working with Coaches Dylan Armstrong and Dr. Bondarchuk on Monday, Sept. 9. Coach Dylan's schedule is available on our website, on the Program Information page. His athletes who are continuing for the Indoor season will already know when he meets with them, and any new throws athletes should come that day to have him determine what times they will be there.

Jumps athletes also start on Monday, Sept 9 with Coach Dylan and Coach Miriam Dziadyk. These athletes will meet in the jumps area of Hillside Stadium from 4:30 - 6:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Finally, our Track athletes will meet with Coach Christine Yamaoka starting Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 4:30. This group is for those interested in sprints and hurdles and will meet Tues-Thurs from 4:30 - 6:30 pm, and on Saturday morning from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Registration is required and athletes are reminded to select the correct group for the Indoor season, and the correct age group (competition age in 2020) when they register. For those already members of BCA until the end of December this year, their BCA renewal will last until the end of December in 2020.

Again, these athletes are reminded that if they are going to register using the annual fee, they must do this now. This option is only available for September and October.

Club News Over the Summer

It has been a great summer (for the most part if we don't include the weather at the beginning) and the club has held quite a few meets since June this year. Many of our club athletes performed very well, and quite a few were selected to provincial and national teams. For those who didn't get selected to teams, we are still very proud of your accomplishments, as we hope you are.

Some Highlights

Langley Pacific Invitational - June 14-16
  • Parker Lehmann - Open 1500m - 2nd - 4:30.10, Open 800m - 23rd - 2:05.03, U18 2000m Steeple - 2nd - 7:15.86
  • Sunette Lessing - 80m Hurdles (W50-54) - 14.53, High Jump - 1st - 1.40m, Long Jump - 1st - 4.49m
  • Rya Liburd - 60m Hurdles (2009) - 13.83, 60m - 12th - 10.77, 100m - 5th - 17.12, Long Jump - 11th - 2.72m
  • Dwight Liburd - 100m (M35-39) - 1st - 11.54, 200m - 1st - 24.07, Long Jump - 1st - 6.13m, Triple Jump - 1st - 11.23m
  • Bazil Spencer - Open 400m - 10th - 52.78, Open High Jump - 2nd - 1.95m
  • Miriam Cavani - High Jump (W55-59) - 1st - 1.44m (BC & Can Record), Long Jump - 1st - 4.26m
  • Kathy Brand - Shot Put (W75-79) - 1st - 6.25m, Weight Throw - 1st - 10.51m, Discus - 1st - 18.17m, Hammer - 1st - 26.74m
  • Tianna Zabihi - Shot Put (2009) - 1st - 5.54m
  • Sasha Kolodko - Hammer (U16) - 1st - 44.86m
  • Phoebe Price-Roberts - Hammer (U20) - 1st - 53.53m
  • Kian Zabihi - Hammer (U16) - 1st - 53.38m
  • Jacob Taylor - Javelin (U20) - 1st - 56.29m
Harry Jerome Meet - June 20
  1.     Jacob Taylor - Open Javelin - 5th - 57.70m
  2.     Greg Stewart - Para Shot Put 1st - 14.91m F46
  3.     Josh Farrell - Para Shot Put 1st - 13.80m F20
Jack Brow Memorial - Kelowna, June 28-30
  • Jensen Tremblay - 2011 200m - 5th - 35.45
  • Parker Lehmann - U18 800m - 1st  - 2:05.80
  • Ryland Sheldon - U13100m  - 3rd - 14.16, HJ - 1st - 1.30m
  • Kian Zabihi - U16 HT - 1st - 64.53m (JB Record)
  • Matthew Arnold - U20 HT - 1st - 58.56m (JB Record)
  • Kathy Brand - W75-79 HT - 1st - 27.02m, SP - 1st - 7.09m, DT - 1st - 17.07m (JB Record)
  • Cole Bibby - U16 JT - 1st - 54.66m (JB Record)
  • Jacob Taylor - U20 JT - 1st - 56.46m (JB Record)
  • Tianna Zabihi - 2010 SP - 1st - 5.78m
  • Miriam Cavani - (W55-59) LJ - 1st - 4.35m
  • Sophia D'Amore - U16 TJ - 5th - 8.39m
  • Fernando Bouthillier - U18 TJ - 3rd - 11.96m
BC Championship Jamboree - Kamloops, July 5-7
  • Ben Makwarimba - Senior LJ - 3rd - 5.17m
  • Fernando Mouthillier - U18 TJ - 4th - 11.68m
  • Bazil Spencer - U18 HJ - 1st - 1.80m
  • Greg Stewart - Senior Para SP - 1st- 15.82m
  • Cole Bibby - U16 JT - 1st - 60.94m (BC Record)
  • Elliot Payne - U18 JT - 1st - 57.44m
  • Jacob Taylor - U20 JT - 2nd - 54.71m
  • Kian Zabihi - U16 HT - 1st - 67.387m (BC Record)
  • Matthew Arnold - U18 HT - 1st - 62.84m
  • Phoebe Price-Roberts - U20 HT - 2nd - 54.26m
North America, Central America, Caribbean World Masters Association Athletics Championship- July 18-21
  • Sunette Lessing (W50-54)
    • 1st - LJ - 4.67m (Can. Record)
    • 1st - HJ - 1.45m
    • 3rd - 80m Hurdles - 14.02 (BC Record)
    • 2nd - Pentathlon - 3386 point (BC Record)
  • Dwight Liburd
    • 1st - LJ - 6.25m (BC Record)
    • 1st - TJ - 12.13m (BC Record)
    • 2nd - 4x100m relay
    • 3rd - 100m - 11.22

BC Junior Development Championship - July 19 - 21
  • Tiana Zabihi (U10 Shot Put - 1st 6.57m)
Canadian Track and Field Championship - July 25-28
  • Greg Stewart - Para Shot Put - 1st - 15.16m F46
  • Josh Farrell - Para shot Put - 2nd - 14.22m F20
  • Bazil Spencer - U20 High Jump - 1st - 2.03m
  • Phoebe Price-Roberts = U20 Hammer Throw - 3rd - 54.02m
  • Matthew Arnold - U20 Hammer Throw - 5th - 50.42m

Legion Youth National Track and Field Championship - Aug 9-11
  • Kian Zabihi - U16 HT - 1st - 67.21m (Meet Record)
  • Cole Bibby - U16 JT - 1st - 54.94m
  • Elliott Payne - U18 JT - 4th - 57.17m
  • Matthew Arnold - U18 HT - 3rd - 58.10m
Sunset Throws Series Meets - June 6, July 3, Aug 17
   Meet #1
  • Phoebe Price-Roberts - U20 HT - 5th - 55.11m
  • Kian Zabihi - U16 HT - 1st - 58.06m
  • Matthew Arnold - U18 HT - 1st - 60.17m
  Meet #2
  • Kian Zabihi - U16 HT - 1st - 67.41m
  • Matthew Arnold - U18 HT - 1st - 63.35m
  • Cole Bibby - U16 JT - 1st - 54.94m
  • Elliott Payne - U18 JT - 1st - 53.18m
  • Jacob Taylor - U20 JT - 1st - 56.29m
   Meet #3
  • Kian Zabihi - U16 HT - 1st - 69.99m
  • Matthew Arnold - U18 HT - 1st - 64.78m
  • Elliot Payne U18 JT - 1st - 51.41m
  • Tianna Zabihi - 2010 SP - 1st - 6.65m

Bottle Drive

The club is having a bottle drive on September 21. We are looking for our club members and their families to come out and help with this activity. Meet at the Throws area at 10:00 am. Permits will be handed out at that time so those canvassing have them with them.

If you have bottles to donate, they can be dropped off at General Grant's Bottle Depot at 963 Camosun Crescent off McGill Road. Please tell them that your donation is for Kamloops Track and Field Club and the funds will go to the club.

BC Throws Project Development Camp

This is a camp sponsored by our club together with BC Athletics and is meant to help develop athletes in Throws (Hammer, Javelin, Shot Put and Discus). It is aimed at athletes 14 and older who want to develop towards achieving national and international performances. There will be a combination of practical and theory sessions for both athletes and their coaches. For more information, visit our website ( and follow the link on the left side to Club Meets. Scroll to the bottom of the list for 2019 meets and then follow the Information link. Deadline to register for this clinic is September 15 at
To view the tentative Calendar of Meets and Activities, please see the Club Calendar link on the left side of any page on our website. This calendar will be updated when items change or are added.
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