"COMING HOME" Retreat on
Breathtaking Lake Muskoka.

Friday, September 27  
to Monday, September 30, 2013

Coming Home

cultivating & embracing 
Join us for a transformative weekend on
beautiful Lake Muskoka.
You will be guided by two passionate warrior women, Susan Stephens & Ayrlie MacEachern.
Susan & Ayrlie will share their knowledge & wisdom which will allow you to 
access & express your juicy authentic self.

Some of the areas that we will explore
together are:
empowered living 
conscious cooking & nutrition
creativity & play!
There is limited space - Reserve your 'spot' today!
Your fee includes includes
3 nights accommodation,
gorgeous organic food,
all supplies & facilitation

Movers & Shakers price $795 + hst per person, register now

  Slow & Steady GrooVers price $875 + hst  
after Sept 6, 2013.

Call or email for reservations
& more information.
Susan (905) 523-1391 or



I am a Liberation & Empowerment Coach. "East meets West" Holistic Nutritionist. Live BLOOD Analyst. Do-Nothing Activist. Admittedly Proud ChocoHolic. Self-proclaimed Masochist. Gently Militant Fitness Trainer. Addiction Embracer & Annihilator. Energy Worker. Madly Passionate, Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
In 2009 I created LIBERATED LIVING as a means to HELP OTHERS learn to HELP THEMSELVES to FIND LIBERATION from whatever ails them. Through many trials and tribulations, I have come to realize that suffering when embraced, can be a doorway to insight, opportunity and growth. It is refreshing to realize that even being off the path is on the path. In both individual and group facilitations, I encourage others to embrace the duality of life and one's own nature, good and bad, light and dark, pleasure and pain, positive and negative. THIS FUSION is truly the spice of life. I love creating spaces for men, women and children to explore awareness and acceptance of EVERYTHING that "IS", even non-acceptance. From this place of surrender, the most REVOLUTIONARY TRANSFORMATION begins.  


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I am a dancer, an artist facilitator and an expressive arts therapist.  I  teach weekly Nia classes in rural communities.  I have been facilitating creative based experiences for all ages -  on weekend retreats, in day long workshops, in schools & camps for over 16 years. My programs are designed for both personal & professional development.

My passion is about holding safe and supportive spaces where people of all ages come together to co-create and grow.  I aspire to contribute to an inclusive, dynamic and peace-full world where the real juice comes from the blending of the diversity of age, geography, culture & creative medium.   

What inspires me is witnessing people's creativity in action; the bubbling up of possibility, the emotional connection with themselves and each other through the medium at play, and the deep sense of joy that is tangible. What is unique about my work as an artist facilitator is the wide range of ages and artistic media that I play with in primarily rural settings.



AYRLIE MACEACHERN                                   
Expressive Arts Therapist & Facilitator        
Office: 705-444-0550                                        

Registered Holistic Nutritionist,
Empowerment Coach, Microscopist,
Reiki & Chinese Medicine Practitioner
and Certified Personal Trainer
Office: 905-523-1391
You were WILD here once. Don't let them tame you!

Isadora Duncan