August 25, 2016

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I’m sure there are many times in my life when I said I’d never do something but the first I can remember had to do with a minivan.  When Daryl and I were beginning to start a family I told him I’d never drive a minivan.  I didn’t like minivans, I liked my midsized SUV and I didn’t want to change my preferences for anything.  Then God gave us twins.  I can remember one of the first meltdowns I had after bringing home the twins was in the parking lot of Triad Baptist Church.  My mother-in-law and I had just taken the twins to a consignment sale at the church and now we were done, in the parking lot, trying to get the huge double stroller back into the trunk.  Daryl had put it in the SUV before we left the house and it didn’t matter what we did we couldn’t get it back in the SUV.  I was tired from lack of sleep (times two), frustrated because I couldn’t get the stroller in, and heartbroken at the realization that we were going to have to get a minivan.  Fast forward to a few months later with a minivan and I’m dumbfounded as to why in the world I would have said I’d never drive a minivan.  That van gave us so much more room and freedom.  Besides when God gave us Silas almost 2 years later, there was already plenty of room for him in the van.  Looking back it was ridiculous of me to put my foot down and say I’d never drive a minivan.  God gave us three children and then the means to buy a van.  He has always provided.

By this point you’d think I’d have learned my lesson . . . but no. 
I’m a teacher, I was a proponent of my children going to school to learn and to socialize.  I realize that I am more than capable of educating my children at home but I didn’t want to and I went so far as to say I will never homeschool my children.  When we first arrived in Mozambique we lived in a large city with many school options for our kids.  They were happy at an International School and were learning many things.  Several months later when Daryl started thinking, talking, and praying about our family moving up to Northern Mozambique I told him I didn’t even want to hear about it because I knew it would mean I would have to homeschool my children.  Well God kept working on his heart and he planned a trip for us to go visit.  I told him the only way we could move up North is if God changed my heart and mind to homeschooling.  After the trip, it was clear that God wanted our family to move up North and wouldn’t you know it He was softening my heart and expanded my mind to homeschooling; He even got me excited about it.

On Tuesday, August 30th, our family will begin our first year of homeschooling.  Please pray for us as Gabe, Eden, and I work our way through their first grade year.  Pray for Silas as on Monday, August 29th, he will begin 4 year old preschool at a local Portuguese speaking school.  Pray for him as he only knows a few words in Portuguese and currently doesn’t know any of the children or teachers at the school.

Please pray for Leah as she plans, prepares, and teaches Gabe and Eden this year.  She still desperately wants to be involved in the community and wants to begin a program for children but for the beginning of the school year recognizes the need to focus on homeschooling.  Homeschooling may not have been our plan when we first arrived in Mozambique but we are confident that it has been in God’s plan all along.

There is one other area in my life in which I said I'd never . . . that's concerning sending my children to boarding school.  I've changed my words and now I'm saying I'd rather not send them to boarding school.  I can put that out of my mind for now, after all Gabe and Eden are only 6 years old.

Left:  The head cook at the restaurant recently welcomed a baby boy to his family.  He named his son Dario which is the same name Daryl goes by here in Mozambique.

Right:  Last week we were able to get away for a few days to the city of Pemba.
Praise God with us:
  • That we had the opportunity to get away for a few days to relax
  • That the kids are ready and excited to start school
Pray with us:
  • For the beginning of the school year.
  • For us to balance school work with the other work we do at the restaurant and in the community.

God Bless,
Daryl, Leah, Gabe, Eden, and Silas Burnette

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