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We are slowing winding down Csmart

Dear All,

I thank all of you for the support that you have shown us over the last 7 years. Csmart has been a wonderful experience for all of us and hence this is turning out to be a very difficult email to write.

Over the last couple of years Csmart has become commercially unviable for us to run and maintain. There are a few reasons for this:

  • MCA has been changing over the last few years multiple times. Not just that, it offers no support to us developers to interact with it on an ‘API’ basis. Even today if I raise concerns with the helpdesk we get back responses saying, please don’t prefill forms with XML. Since I helped design MCA and worked on it for a few years, I knew how to work it. But once MCA moved from TCS to Infosys, things have become very difficult for my team to work interfacing with the Portal.
  • The practices followed in CS offices across the country vary quite a bit. As a software product we tried to cater to most of the esoteric use cases out there, but because of the vastness of the Company Law, its commercially not viable to support everyone. 
  • The pricing of Csmart was carefully done by looking at the industry and calculating the amount that most CS / CA offices would be ready to pay. The pricing strategy was to charge a small amount and reach the masses. This is proving to be difficult. A lot of CS offices expect a complete rejig of the software for the annual renewal that they are paying. 

These are the main reasons why we have decided to wind down Csmart slowly. 

In order to keep Csmart running:

We are looking out for a partner in the market. The partner needs to have a strong IT background and preferably understands the CS domain. Once we do get such a partner, we will get back to you and share revival plans with you. If you are aware of any such companies, please feel free to reach out to us. 


Starting today, 

  • We will not be offering any more renewals to licenses. And we are stopping first time sales as well. 
  • We will honour the commitment we have made to all customers who have renewed their licenses over the last year. We will service your issues until such time as your license is valid.
  • After that period, we will continue to support our users who have specific issues with Csmart. But it will be charged based on the amount of time we have spent rectifying such as issue. Don’t worry for most regular issues, the work will be done pro-bono. 

We shall get back to you in future once MCA 21 stabilises and once we have a new team to support us. Until then, we request you to continue using using Csmart (without updates) and for any specific problems, please get in touch with us only through Email and give us time to attend to your issues. 

This is not the end!

On behalf of all us in Csmart,
Kinds Regards,

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