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And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!
Romans 10:15

During this season of our ministry this verse has taken on an even deeper meaning. After months of preparation, Achieve Guyana has launched our new feeding outreach. This is a combination of delivering supplied food to feed the body and giving a gospel presentation to feed the soul. We have begun delivery in the villages of Tobago, Kamwatta, Waikarabi, Hobidiah and Wanaki. This outreach not only gives us the opportunity to minister to our planted churches, but also opens the door for discipleship and church planting initiatives in the surrounding unreached villages and people groups.

The Achieve Guyana Inc (AGI) team has just completed a very busy camp season and we are pleased to announce that God has moved in a mighty way! We had two separate VBS events that saw 230 Children in attendence, resulting in 73 professions of faith. We also did 2 separate Linked Youth camps in the villages of Sebai and Whitewater. The topic of this year’s camp was “Basic Training,” where we all got back to the basics of our faith. One of the new tools the team gave the campers was the “Three Circles of Evangelism.” A simple and very effective method of delivering the gospel in any environment and in any length of time.
Out of 140 teens that attended our Linked Youth Camp, we had 65 professions of faith and 36 baptisms. The biggest and most unexpected blessing was the results we saw as each person taught and practiced the Three Circles evangelism method. As each Camp leader and camper practiced with each other, many baptized believers admitted that even though they were baptized, they never fully understood the gospel and now have a true grasp of their faith.
Several campers have already reported great success and increasing boldness in their sharing the gospel with family, friends and even their own local pastors. The fruitfulness of this camp season has resulted in true discipleship at work. Our teenagers have made the transition and are now the beautiful feet that preach the gospel. You have sent Gina and I to Guyana, so that we can send others also. This is what our ministry is all about and we thank each one of you for being apart of what God is doing here in Guyana.
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