Happy Holidays from Your Past President

Hello, BRRC!  

Congratulations to our new Board!  Joining our returning president Johnny Lyons, and our returning officers, Valencia Hike, Christy St.Claire, and Joe Musumeci, is our team of delegates, Sally Waller, Scott Finson, Bart Rein, Erin Surette, Kelli Rostkowski, Dan Hawk, and Hazel Teal…....... that is an allstar team! I would be remiss if I did not admit that I will be missing the great job of being a part of this Board……sigh……!  This group is a superb representation of BRRC, full of care about running and our club.  There will thoughtful vision, and a collective path will come naturally.  I am personally full of optimism and know we will have a successful and gratifying year.

I have been running for almost 50 years. There have been dozens of marathons and over a hundred ultras, and even more endurance adventures, many almost too ridiculous to relate.  I hit the wall many times a year. Heck, I seek the wall, just to see what’s out there, or what might happen. And, oh, this is my hip:.   I am comfortable sharing all this with you, as you are in the same clan.  Outside of this circle, there are good people who find our passion for running a bit much, if not disturbing!  But I know you understand.  

What I really want to relate, is that the last couple of years, when I have been fortunate to also be our BRRC President, I did not diminish my passion for toeing the line, and my favorite thing, fearless running.   I truly dig the running lifestyle as much as ever, maybe more than ever in those almost 50 years.  That’s saying a lot.   I wish you all find the same fortune. 

Lastly, every time we ask for help or support, you are there for us, BRRC. Thanks, and Happy Holidays, and Run Free!

Henry Peck
Past President


BRRC’s Annual Winter Solstice 34th Street Run And Happy Hour
December 19 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Looking for bringing in the Holiday Season with a BRRC fun run? Here's your chance! BRRC members, it is all about you! Runners are encouraged to wear their favorite holiday swag

But first... renew your BRRC membership for 2019!

We will meet in the parking lot of Waverly Brewing, 1625 Union Avenue, for a festive group run. The destination is the Miracle on 34th Street Christmas Lights. We will stay in groups and accommodate all paces. Nobody will be left behind! We will aim to be back at Union and done running at about 7:00. If you cannot make the run, no worries! You are welcome to meet us at Waverly at 7:00 to indulge in some terrific local craft beer. We will be treated to the great Waverly drafts while your generous budget lasts.

The running route is TBD (Graham will actually figure out this ahead of time this year... probably!) but the "long" route will likely be 4-5 miles.
1. Long - TBD

2. Short - For those who want to walk from Union to 34th St and back, this is the shortest route. 
You can also find out the latest information on facebook, or at
Renew Your Membership for 2019

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