Very good. Excellent.


9 reasons why BRRC is on fleek this Spring

1. 'On fleek' is a slang term meaning 'very good' or 'excellent' - it's what the kids are saying nowadays. We here at BRRC appeal to the kids. We are very hip.

2. Number 1 doesn't count as a reason so let's start over.

9 Super Hip Ways That BRRC is on Fleek This Spring

1. The Prettyboy Trail Race, man. A fast 10K that's run mostly on fire roads and a race director that takes amazing race photos. John Roemer is a stud and you should run this race especially if you're new to trail running.

2. The Grand Prix Series, man. GPS results are up to date and posted on our website. The White Hall 15K saw its biggest turnout EVER thanks to race directors Christian and Vicki Creutzer!

3. Training programs, man. We have 4 active training programs and more in the works! C25K, 5K to 10K, Ladies Nite out, Trail Run Training.

4. We've appointed a new Director of Coaching and Training Programs to help with our expanding training groups, man. Long time coach and former president, Tom Nasuta, has volunteered to lead our training programs. We're looking forward to his insight, coordination and experience.

5. You've got to check out our Member of the Month for April, man. We're always looking for nominations. My good friend Pete Hens has certainly raised the bar for future featured members though. Set aside some time and give it a read.
6. The Boston Marathon, man. It's the oldest annual marathon in the world. It's BOSTON and we've got a ton of members running. Don't make BRRC look bad, you guys.
7. Betsy and I are directing the Gunpowder Trail Race, man. It's a 5.25 mile course through the woods where we were engaged just last year. We're celebrating our engagement anniversary, you guys. Join us!

8. You know what else is on fleek about April? The club isn't going to cancel a dam race because of the dam snow or the dam ice. Dam scheduling could prove to be an issue though, so stay tuned.

9. Don't sleep on the Women's Distance Festival, man. May 17th - Lake Montebello. We're looking for our biggest year yet.

Alright, enough of that - sorry if that was a little over the top. The club just has a lot of stuff going on and a lot of things to be excited about. I feel privileged to be a part of it. You should really consider getting more involved. Volunteer at a race, volunteer to help with a club committee, write me with your thoughts - just get involved! I'm going to keep on telling you every month how satisfying and rewarding volunteering is.

Even if you're not into Official Club Stuff, there are tons of ways to stay connected. We've got a growing membership and there are plenty of people looking for different things from BRRC. Join our Facebook group and start a conversation. Let's get some informal run together!

Don't forget to get your nominations for performance awards in!

Alright. I'm out. See you at the races.

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