Running Through Change
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Running Through Change

President's Message

Life is full of change, right?  We get a new boss or even a new job, our kids go to a new school, we add another pet to the household, our route to work gets detoured by construction, we get married or divorced.  On and on, there is always change in our lives,  As runners, though, we know how to combat the stress that change brings.  Running becomes an outlet for facing the turmoil of a changing world, a slice out of the day when we know we can get back to our true selves.  A way to breathe through what life throws at us.

I know this so well now, as I approach my move from Maryland to Colorado.  My wife and I have sold our house, bought one in Colorado, moved out of Monkton, and now are in transition as we prepare for the long drive west.  We are facing stress we have not experienced since I cannot remember when.  How do I manage through this stress?  By running, of course.  Even if it is only for two or three miles (or a short "long" run on Sundays), I eke out some precious minutes in the day to strap on my shoes and hit the road or trail (or, as a last resort, treadmill) for a run.  The run becomes a way to find a bit of relief during these stressful days.  It is during these times that I appreciate having nurtured a running lifestyle over the past years.

BRRC, informal running groups, local races - these are all great venues for encouraging us to get out and run.  On those days when we are stressed, we often want to revert to unhealthy habits.  But knowing that our friends are waiting on us for that speed workout or contemplating the starting line for the upcoming race motivates us to get out and pound the pavement.  As I hit the highway west, I encourage you to become more involved in our running community, whether through our fine Club and its excellent events or through more informal means.  Find a friend and go for a run!

Speaking of change, with the end of the calendar year comes the BRRC General Membership Meeting and the election of our new Board of Officers and Directors.  We continue to build a slate of candidates and I want to thank those of you who have stepped forward to volunteer.  And, I encourage you to contact me if you are interested in serving.  Please know that if you join the Board, you really can effect change you want to see in the Club (good change!).  This year's General Membership Meeting will be held at Loch Raven High School at 1212 Cowpens Avenue in TowsonWe'll deliver pizza at 6:30 and will begin the meeting at 7:00 p.m.  In addition to elections, we will recognize our Grand Prix Series award winners and other members.  Please come and support your running club!

This is my last reminder that the NCR Trail Marathon and Relay will celebrate its 25th Anniversary later this month, on Saturday, November 29th, Thanksgiving weekend.  The event will include many special features, plus the 8K Rails to Trails Run to encourage more runners to participate in this Silver Anniversary year.  Even if you cannot run one of the races, come on out and volunteer.  Your fellows runners will appreciate the support.  Full details can be found on the Marathon page here.

Our membership renewal period will start soon, in December, and it will extend through January 31st.  With last year's renewal, BRRC converted to a calendar year membership, with all renewals due at the beginning of the year.  This change allows for better membership management, especially around the Grand Prix Series qualifications.  Watch for reminders to renew and please do so between December 1st and January 31st.  Thank you for your continued support of BRRC.

In conclusion, there are many ways to volunteer and add to the strength of BRRC.  As I like to say, BRRC is only as strong as its member volunteers.  Let's continue to make this a very strong running club.

Thank you for being a part of  BRRC.  I look forward to seeing you at the General Membership Meeting.

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