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March 2014

Dr. Jorge Bordenave, MD, FACP

Dr Bordenave is the only South Florida cardiologist with additional fellowship training in Integrative Medicine (IM).  He is currently the first IM trained physician to be Board Certified in Integrative Medicine.

He was a recent key note speaker at the Miami International Integrative Health Symposium and Well-Being Expo, with His Holiness Dalai Lama's personal physician and other distinguished speakers.

In addition to his private Cardiology and Integrative medicine practice in Miami, he is teaching and mentoring medical students as Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at Florida International University and lecturing and teaching cardiology to internal medicine and family practice residents, as a member of the teaching faculty for NovaSoutheastern University.  He also produces a monthly, health and wellness magazine that is distributed for free across Miami and makes time to work on his blog.  All of which has made Dr. Bordenave a recognized name among Hispanics as providing sources of unbiased, evidence based, trusted and reliable scientific medical information.

He has recently been awarded the National Committee for Quality Assurance Recognition Award for Excellence in Heart/Stroke Management as well as Recognition Award for Excellence in Diabetes Management. Dr Bordenave recently interviewed Nationally recognized physician, author, researcher and health advocate Dr. Neal Barnard.

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Intermittent Fasting

People living in Miami can do this kind of fasting on a daily basis. Simply limit the number of hours you eat each day and then fast the rest of the 24 hours. A balanced diet is particularly important when you practice fasting.

What's The Point Of Fasting?

For many years, the recommendation to eat six or so small meals a day has been passed around liberally. The idea is that by constantly providing fuel for the body, it would be continually energized and calories would burn at an even pace, making weight loss easier.
More recently, it is becoming clear that eating five to six small meals each day is not such good advice. 

Natural Cures for Ringing in the Ears

Ringing in the ears, or tinnitus, affects nearly 12 million Americans. The noise can sound like a high-pitched hum, a roar, whine, squeal, hiss or click. For most people, tinnitus comes and goes and is not much more than a temporary nuisance.
However, for more than one million people, the problem is severe enough that it interferes with their daily lives. For some, it is so distracting that it blocks out normal hearing, and they cannot work and sometimes not even sleep.

Dr. Bordenave

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