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Greetings from Aillio

Happy Year of the Ox everyone! Let's just get straight to it...

Finally... a real name for the "Bullseye"


We've been calling our 2kg fully automatic shop roaster project the "Bullseye" ever since its inception. Our staff has spent a LOT of time trying to come up with a better name -- even going so far as to crowdsource a name from all of you. Still, nothing stuck. Until now.

Let us introduce the "AiO" by Aillio. What does it mean? Well, it means "All-in-One." It also means "Artificial Intelligence." And "Input/Output." It's also an abbreviation for "Aillio" itself. And even tho this is a Danish design, "ai" (愛) in Mandarin also means “love.” I’m sure there are some other cute little variations to be found within, too. Use your imagination!

But mostly we picked the name because we think it looks and sounds like the machine itself: sleek and modern.

We like the name, but old habits die hard, and we just can’t stop calling the damn thing “Bullseye.” In order to ‘acclimate’ ourselves to the new reality, we’ve created an “AiO-Bullseye” jar. Every time one of the staff says “Bullseye” they have to contribute money to the 'let's have a really nice lunch' fund. (Unsurprisingly, Jonas is the lead offender here. Thanks Jonas!)

Meanwhile, the work continues. We've been spending some quality time with the second prototype over the past six months, optimizing the induction heating system so that it is capable of roasting 2kg of coffee to first crack in under ten minutes -- with power to spare.

But now we've already ordered all the parts for the third prototype. It will feature a batch of pressure sensors to measure the airflow in the drum, and will further improve the cooling of the beans. The faceplate will soon boast its own custom LCD display, which should feel like a nice finishing touch. And we will also get to turn on the air heating system for the first time! (No more deviation due to differences in ambient temperature.)

We're also very happy to announce that the Bulls... -- er "AiO" -- will be roasting in New Orleans at the next SCA Coffee Expo in October. See you there! (If you don't see us at the expo, please come down to find us on Bourbon Street: We may need your help getting back to the convention hall.)

IBTS Rate of Rise? We got it now.

We’re now over two months into the RoasTime 3 and new Roast.World rollout. Since then, our Roast.World programmers have been focused on building a support-oriented back-end, so that our staff can analyze roast profiles and debug data quickly and easily for diagnosis of any roaster issues. This is an all-over quality of life improvement for both our users and our staff that is already being put to good use.

RoasTime development, on the other hand, has been focused on the usual minor bug fixes and mini-features. But we have also begun developing ...(drumroll please)... IBTS RoR. Yes, that’s right, you can now enable IBTS RoR from the Settings Menu of your RoasTime 3 app, under Roast Config, as shown below.

Keep in mind that you will need to play with the Y2 axis to fit the high RoR calculations at the beginning of a roast when beans are warming the fastest. It could also be useful to set some different color combinations here to make it easier to differentiate between the Bean Probe RoR and the IBTS RoR. Future versions will likely be more customizable, so feel free to make suggestions and most of all: Have fun!

In a Magazine, Down Under

For our friends down under, the Bullet R1 is featured prominently in the latest web and print edition of BeanScene Magazine. It’s been a long wait for you guys. We hope you're ready to to move "Bullet Speed Ahead."

Those of you interested in purchasing the Bullet in Australia can reach out to Espresso Company Australia for a reseller near you.

That's all for now, but we have another newsletter coming soon. In the meantime, keep drinking great coffee, everyone.

- Aillio
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