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Greetings from Aillio

We hope everyone is safe and sound and drinking great coffee. Today, everyone at Aillio went out to lunch together to celebrate the sale of our 3000th roaster, so we're having a pretty good day so far. :)

Here's the latest from us...

New Videos

One of our big focuses this year has been on improving our Bullet R1 support content with videos. One example is our explanation of how induction power works. Another shows how air flows within the Bullet. And we now also have five maintenance videos up on the website, so if you haven't checked them out, you might wanna take a look, as you may learn something new.

Speaking of learning new things...

Rob Hoos Bullet R1 Class

Rob Hoos, author of Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee: One Roaster's Manifesto, taught a Bullet R1 online class last week. Rob has extensive consultant experience roasting on a variety of machines, and has been roasting on the R1 for quite some time, using it both as a teaching tool for SCA courses, and also as a home/sample roaster.

His class was designed to have something for everyone -- beginners and professionals alike -- with topics ranging from basic maintenance to profile design and quality control. Rob may very well do some more Bullet-centric classes in the future, but for now you can still rent the video on Rob's Vimeo page for US$100.

Show Us Your Setup

As more and more people are using the Bullet R1 in homes and in cafes around the world we're beginning to see more and more creative roasting setups. We'd love it if you could give us permission to share some of these!

You can send us a mail at with your Instagrammable pictures and how you wish to be credited.

We Really Need a Name for this Thing!

It's been a couple years since we announced our plans for a 2kg fully-automatic coffee shop roaster code-named "Bullseye." Work on the machine is progressing more quickly now, as we continue to eye a 2021 release. The only problem is that the roaster is still code-named "Bullseye" -- we haven't come up with a real name yet!

It's not like we haven't been trying. "Eddy" -- named after the "eddy currents" that power induction heating -- is relatively popular around the office. And because we think the Bullseye looks a bit like a bird house, we also came up with the name "Auklet", a name that simultaneously evokes Aillio and Kilo, the Danish design firm we're working on the Bullseye with.

Plus the bird is pretty cool looking:

Still, none of the names has really stuck with us.

So we're asking you for some help here. If you have some suggestions on what to name the machine, or if you happen to have a strong preference for one of the above: we are all ears. Send us a mail at -- if we wind up using your suggestion, you will be handsomely rewarded.

(We were considering putting the matter to a public vote. But after the Boaty McBoatyface fiasco a few years back, we don't trust the internet anymore. Although, come to think of it, "Roasty McRoastface" does have a nice ring to it...)

That's all for now everyone. Enjoy your weekend. Keep drinking great coffee.

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