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Greetings from Aillio

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the team has been hard at work on RoasTime 3 and a Roast.World makeover. Both have been in limited beta testing for awhile. (Thanks to everyone who was involved, you know who you are!). Now we're releasing RoasTime 3 to the public, and opening up the final beta testing stage of the new Roast.World to everyone. This beta will likely continue for a couple of weeks before we finalize the move and 'decommission' the old Roast.World servers, which will only function in Legacy mode through the end of 2020.

At that time, in order to use Roast.World, you will need to upgrade to RT3. The old Roast.World will be completely taken down and RT2 will no longer be supported.

Things you need to know before you begin using RoasTime 3 and Beta.Roast.World

1. The old RoasTime 2 (RT2) has been quietly syncing with, so your old roasts will already be there when you login to the new site with your old credentials. They will still be backed up on the old servers, too, until we take them down.

2. The new RoasTime 3 (RT3) will *not* sync with the old Roast.World, which means any roasts you do using the new software will *not* appear on the old Roast.World, but will instead only appear on the site.

3. Recipes can now sync with , but in order to sync them, you’ll first need to download the latest version of RT2 to create a backup of your recipes before you move them over to RT3. (Don't worry, it's pretty easy.)


How to Upgrade (Important!)

To back up your recipes and begin using RoasTime 3 with Beta.Roast.World you must follow three steps. It will only take a few minutes. (If you do not use recipes and all of your roasts are visible on then you can skip the first two steps.)

1. Download and install RT2 v2.5.7 on your machine.

Windows 64 bit

Windows 32 bit


2. Backup your recipes with RT2 v2.5.7. Matthew, the main RT3 coder, has produced a short video to guide you through the process. (You will also be producing a backup of your roast profiles, though this backup shouldn't be necessary.)

3. Download and install RoasTime 3 from

Congratulations! You can now use RoasTime 3 with Beta.Roast.World at

So What's Different in RT3?

In developing RT3, the initial primary focus has been performance and usability. That means the feel is exactly the same as RT2 -- you will not need to re-learn anything. But on the backend, there has been a lot of effort put into making this version of RoasTime the most stable ever.

It will also be far easier to implement new features -- eventually including some related to machine learning and integrations with other roasters/platforms. You will already notice one new feature, however. RT3 uses RoR calculations to help predict your roast curves mid-roast.

You can read more about RoasTime 3 at under the "Documentation" menu.

So What's Different in the New Roast.World?

The new Roast.World has a different look -- less purple. There are a lot of back end functionality tweaks to make things snappier. And because it is built using React -- a much more modern and robust framework than Ruby on Rails -- new features will be far easier to implement, just like with RoasTime 3.

(Please note that although you can sync your recipes with the new Roast.World, you cannot yet view them on the platform, or download recipes from others. These features and also the Roast Analyzer are coming soon!)

How do I give feedback?

The official RoasTime 3 thread can be found here.

The official Beta.Roast.World thread can be found here.

Our coders will be checking these threads frequently, so it is the most efficient means to reach us with feedback. If you're not sure whether to post in the RoasTime 3 or Beta.Roast.World thread, you can pick either one. (There may be a little overlap for some issues.)

Thanks everyone! Keep drinking great coffee!
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