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Greetings from Aillio

It's time to talk about RoasTime and Roast.World.

Three people. Four months. A lot of code. Special thanks to our team: Matthew, Tent, and Derrick. Their hard work is reshaping the Aillio online ecosystem.

Let's get to it.

Changes to RoasTime and Roast.World 

We will be pushing out a forced update of RoasTime 3 in the coming days. We have to force this update to make room for our new bean inventory system. Because we had to build it from scratch, it is not compatible with older versions of RoasTime, which will have to be deprecrated.

Old versions of RoasTime will still work, but you will not be able to properly sync your inventory with Roast.World unless you upgrade to the latest version.

We have been testing software release candidates over the past month, and are ready now. The transition will be seamless: you will get the normal notification that RoasTime is updating, but you will not be able to choose to skip it. 

What's new in Roast.World's inventory system?

(The new "Event-Based Inventory View" in Roast.World)

Synching between Roast.World and RoasTime is now much faster -- with a good internet connection it should be close to real-time. We've adjusted the workflows for inventory, allowing you to set up your starting weight and then track every change to your stock in great detail, including automatic deductions when you roast a specific bean.

An example is the workflow for creating beans: we've changed it from bean name -> bean origin -> vendor, to vendor -> bean origin -> bean name. By doing this we are able to streamline data entry with better suggestions while also reducing the number of duplicate beans on the site.

The Roast.World inventory also now includes an "event-driven" view where changes are shown as distinct events. For example, a "roast completed event" deducts the amount roasted from the bean's green stock. Manually updating your bean's weight is also tracked using "adjustment events".

If you accidentally select the wrong bean for a roast and correct it later, the bean's stock will be automatically adjusted for you as a "return event".

What's new in RoasTime?

(RoasTime 3 now includes a calendar view.)

In RoasTime, we've focused on improving the UI, including the addition of a calendar view that lets you track and view your roasts in a new, intuitive way. We've also added keyboard shortcuts and made some workflow tweaks that can help save time by reducing mouse clicks. (To view the list of shortcuts, go to settings -> help -> keyboard shortcuts or press F1).

The USB library has been overhauled for better connectivity, and there is a new driver installation setup for Windows. (We've also worked out a very annoying bug that was preventing some users from properly updating firmware in bootloader mode.)

It's been a lot of work. Thank you to all of the volunteers who have been helping us test and develop this release! We couldn’t have done it without you. 

We look forward to continually adding new features and functionality for our users, so stay tuned. (We never stop!)

Free 2-day passes to SCA Boston!

We have some free 2-day passes for SCA Boston, April 8-10th. If you haven't ever been to an SCA expo before, it's a really great opportunity to get a sense of what's happening in the coffee industry, make some new friends and sample some nice coffees.

Here is the link to request passes. (Please note, after we receive your request, we'll send a separate mail through the Specialty Coffee Association to complete the registration.)

See you there at booth #201!

That's all for now...

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon -- including (very) small-batch roasting with Rob Hoos. Until then, keep drinking great coffee, everyone.
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