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Happy New Year from Aillio

What a year, eh? We at Aillio know we have a lot to be thankful for, as our lives in Taiwan have remained (relatively) normal. But there is no such thing as escaping 2020 unscathed. We have loved ones out there struggling. And just like everyone else, we are looking forward to a time when travel, crowds, and human touch return to the world -- hopefully it will be soon. Until then, we keep on going as best we can.

Looking back...

Credit: Prototype Coffee, Vancouver

It was a year of growth for Aillio. Buoyed by positive word-of-mouth and a bevy of new partners around the world, the Bullet further proved itself as a go-to-roaster for serious home enthusiasts and small batch professionals alike. In fact, one of the highlights of the year for us was opening a direct channel of communication with the many small roasteries and cafes around the world putting the Bullet to good use. So many stories! (And if you have some more of your own to add, feel free to drop us a mail at -- we love to hear them.)

Looking forward...

Still, rather than a culmination, 2020 felt more like preparation for what’s to come next. Yes, we ended the year with a complete and total remake of the RoasTime and Roast World ecosystem (see: our last newsletter) and that feels great. But we’re far more excited about expanding its functionality next year. Honestly, we’ve been talking internally about applying machine learning to coffee roasting for YEARS. Now we finally have the opportunity to begin work on it in earnest.

We also finally received CE/CB certification, and that certainly feels like a major accomplishment as well. It was so much work. Really… just a lot of work. But putting all the blood, sweat, and tears aside, the process was an incredible learning experience that we will always cherish.  

No, that’s a lie; the process sucked and we're ecstatic that it’s over. Now we can focus on the more important business of putting Bullets in the hands of Japanese, Australian, and South Korean roasters, to see what they can do.

As for our biggest project, Jacob, Jonas, and the entire engineering team are now free to pour more energy into development of the “Bullseye”. And though we have abjectly failed at giving it a better name, the small, incremental successes have begun to add up, and our initial high hopes have risen even higher. Last week we brought 2kg of beans to first crack in ten minutes and twenty seconds while running at less than full power, and with a relatively low preheat temperature. It's the real deal, guys.

Like everything else we’ve mentioned here, the truly fun part begins in 2021, when our early adopters begin putting the very first incarnation of the machine through its paces. After a year like this, anything that can make cafes more financially stable is going to be welcomed with open arms. Let’s see if the Bullseye will have what it takes!

Farewell, 2020

The office feels a bit empty today. Many of us have taken a well-deserved rest on this final day of 2020... and now I'm ready to follow suit. So, on that note, we hope that everyone out there is safe and sound and ready for good times ahead. We really just can’t wait to see you again next year -- Our eyes are on Athens for the World of Coffee. Be there or be square!

Much love to everyone. Keep drinking great coffee.


- The Aillio Team

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