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Happy Holidays from Aillio

We hope you are enjoying a safe and happy holiday season. Like everyone else, we're glad to be putting 2021 in our rear-view mirror. But it actually wasn't a bad year for Aillio -- we accomplished a great deal and are already looking forward to making 2022 our best ever.

With that in mind, here is our "Year in Wrap" for 2021!

Aillio Europe opened for business.

One of the biggest stories for Aillio in 2021 was the official opening of Aillio Europe. In many ways, we've always been a European company, with a lot of the Bullet's initial engineering and design work being done in Denmark by twin-brothers Jacob and Jonas Lillie, who are Danish.

Copenhagen, then, was an obvious choice for a new European base of operations. The fact that it is being run by their little brother, Rasmus, along with one of our first Bullet customers ever, Steffen, only makes the move feel even more natural.

With the AiO coming soon, we're gonna need their help. Speaking of...

We got a lot of work done on the AiO.

Development of the AiO was a priority in 2021, and we are laser-focused on the 2022 launch.

That's why we're excited to be bringing the AiO to SCAA Boston in April of 2022 -- and then again to World of Coffee in Warsaw in June. We hope that you can come visit our booth and get excited with us! If you have not yet read up on what AiO is all about, please head over to to get up to speed. (You can also sign up for the AiO newsletter there.)

We leveled up Roast.World and RoasTime.

You may remember that we rang in 2021 with the official release of RoasTime 3 and a brand new Roast.World website. For the past year, we’ve been continuously improving our software ecosystem, including everything from subtle UI/UX adjustments (say hello to customizable themes and mouse-over hints!) to more advanced logging for improved customer support, and of course some brand new features, too.

We are most excited about Roast Recipes, which are now able to sync with Roast.World, allowing them to be downloaded and run by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Recipes will also play a major role in AiO experience, too, so you can expect us to continue to develop and refine their functionality.

The next RoasTime release, however, will focus on improving the back-to-back roast experience, including the ability to copy the previous roast’s meta-data over to the next one in order to save time, as well as a slew of keyboard shortcuts to otherwise sharpen your work flow. The inventory management system, too, is currently being rebuilt in order to make it more useful for everyone.

In other words, we're only getting started.

We sold more roasters than we ever have before.

Good news, right? We’d like to thank everyone who purchased a Bullet this year. We nearly doubled our 2020 sales, and it was also great to see the Bullet take off as both a sample roaster and educational tool among professionals. We hope to keep building on that momentum in 2022.

We’d also like to thank our existing users for being such great brand ambassadors. We polled new owners about how they first heard about the Bullet, and the number one source was through friends.

That says a lot about the Bullet community, doesn't it?

We survived a component crisis.

Still, 2021 certainly wasn’t without its headaches. We were very much affected by the component shortage raging across the world. We feel lucky to have acted as quickly as we did to secure key parts, or we would have seen a very different outcome for 2021.

But there are some parts that simply can't be found anywhere right now, so we have had to source new components and incorporate some small design changes to keep production moving without sacrificing build quality. (In some small ways, the build quality actually improved!)

Unfortunately, these extra costs of doing business in 2021 and beyond will need to be made up somewhere. A price bump for the Bullet is coming in mid-January, as we seek to keep ahead and hit the ground running in 2022. This is your head's up. :)

That's all for now...

Keep on drinking great coffee, everyone. And have a very Happy New Year!
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