Swansea's School of Applied Computing : 2014 Newsletter
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WELCOME to our 2014 Annual Newsletter, we hope you will find something of interest inspiration and Enjoyment :-).

Firstly we would like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to our fantastic GRADUATES on your personal and academic success. Well done to you all, we hope you are proud of your achievement and wish you all the very best for your future success. Always remember 'You CAN achieve Anything'.

The School continues to evolve and grow - 2014 has seen many positive developments at Swansea's School of Applied Computing including a host of New coursesNew equipment and soon a New Campus.

You may enjoy reading some of our Student Success stories below and if you would like to submit one please let us know. Finally we’d love to hear from you, please stay in-touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Graduate Success

Deborah Roberts: Web Developer
Andrew Thomas @ BrightSeed Ltd.
Aisha Iftikhar: Director & Principal
Thomas John @ Dezrez Ltd.

Enterprise & Innovation

Graduate & Founder of ChaosTrend Ltd. Darren Adams release Happy Bird and announce Exo Miner.
Final Year Computer Networks student Archie Watt invited to Google's TC Summit in California.

Enteprise & Industry Partners

Home Sweet Homies @ Founders Hub
Techhub Swansea Launch Party
Edd Turtle in a Startup Culture
Grant Armstrong & Sion Williams
Karlie Yeung - What do you do if your spacecraft doesn’t respond?

Industry Trends & the Future of Technology

Job creation in the Technology sector
Mini-Video: Technology Trends
IT Specialists now drive the UK economy
Graduate IT Opportunities in Wales
Growth in IT Economy twice the UK average.

Career Opportunities

Mini-Video: Career Opportunities in IT
IT Employment Opportunities
FDM Group’s Graduate programme
What’s your Dream IT Job?
Business Technology & Software Opportunities

Research & Development


Technical Lead, Andrew Baker from the University's School of Applied Computing, is overseeing all technical and creative aspects of the project.

Simulation of Light

Senior Research Associate and Lecturer Tim Bashford research into the Simulation of Light with Human tissue.

Computer Security

Graduate Archie Watt Computer Networking research on security policies for a BYOD network.
FINALLY We would like to remind our Graduates of the life-long access you have to the University's very helpful Career Support & Advice service which is available to assist and support you in achieving your goals during and after University.

Finally we’d love to hear from you, please stay in-touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages.
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