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In Japan there is a wonderful philosophy called Wabi Sabi', it is the art of finding beauty in imperfection. Loosely translated, "wabi" is simplicity and "sabi" means the beauty of age, imperfection and wear. It celebrates beauty in what's natural, flaws and all.  It is a way of life that appreciates and accepts complexity while at the same time values simplicity.
Yoga encourages us to see that we are perfect the way we are - each of us made in a uniquely beautiful way. Like trees who grow tall, thin, crooked or straight, we must learn to appreciate our shadows as much as our light.   Yoga is a lifestyle that allows us to create greater health, and self acceptance, working towards becoming the healthiest version of ourselves  -  Yoga is for EVERYBODY.

Our Autumn timetable with over 20 classes from early morning yoga, daytime and evening classes, children's yoga, family yoga, Somatics and Taichi.  We have single class passes, series passes and welcome movegb members.
Highlights in November include Family yoga Sunday  on 26th and Iza Moon for An Evening of Sacred Word and Song Circle on 25th.

We also welcome Sarah who has recently joined our team providing Massage and Reiki treatments.  

We look forward to seeing you soon,


and the Central Wellness Team
Super Sleep Workshop

Super Sleep Workshop
with Julie Robinson
Sunday 8th October 10-1pm

Does sleep elude you? Is the quality of your sleep poor leaving you feeling weary and unrefreshed the next day?

Insomnia affects many of us in a variety of ways and can be debilitating and have an effect on all the systems of the body if left unattended.

This 3 hour fun, informative and relaxing workshop will give you a useful introduction and insight into what some of your ‘Sleep Saboteurs’ or ‘Rest Wreckers’ might be so you can begin to address them. Julie will also offer practical tips and solutions, ‘super sleep’ yoga, meditation, useful breathing and relaxation techniques and other energy practices to work with.

All of this combined with a little ‘sleep science’ will help you increase your understanding of sleep PLUS improve your chances of actually enjoying some! Julie is a well respected ,experienced, friendly and fun yoga teacher and has been teaching in London and around the East Midlands for around 13 years. She welcomes all new students and hopes to help each person realise and enjoy their wonder of ‘being’ and the potential to use yoga as a wonderful opportunity to grow and enjoy life more fully.

To read more about Julie and her teaching, visit

The ‘Super Sleep’ yoga method forming the basis of this workshop was created by Lisa Sanfilipo in partnership with The Minded Institutes research base and is accessible to all.

Cost £30, No experience of yoga necessary, all welcome

Restorative Yoga

Mastering the Art of Relaxation with Restorative Yoga
with Grace Bowker
Friday 13th October 7-9pm

Through the practise of movement, breathing and meditation yoga teaches us how to be at rest and at ease in every moment, how to stay calm and relaxed despite the events and circumstances that are unfolding.

Focusing on a range of relaxation approaches including: Gentle, Restorative Yoga, Breath work, Meditation, Self Myofascial Massage, and Yoga Nidra, This workshop will give you a range of tools to learn how to relax and unwind. 
£14 or £12 for series membership
Please book online to secure your place.

Ayurveda Workshops
Ayurveda Workshops
With Veronica Layunta Maurel

A series of 3 workshops which can be taken individually  or join all three.
An Introduction to Ayurveda - Sunday 1st October  10-1pm
Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop - Sunday 12th November  10-1pm
From overwhelm to Ease: Ayurveda for Stress- Sunday 3rd December 10-1pm
Open to Everyone, no experience of yoga needed.
All Ayurveda workshops will include talks, group dynamics and activities, movement, meditation and relaxation in order to integrate and embody the wisdom of this ancient science. 

1 workshop: £27
All 3 workshops: £65 

Individual consultations available in the afternoon 
Times 2-3.30/ 3.45-5.15 / 5.30-7pm
Full consultation (1 hour 30 minutes) £95

Ayurvedic Treatments available pre-booked, please contact the stuiod 07428259002

List and description of treatments here:
(Please, scroll down, they are at the bottom of the page).

Be Here Now
 A Yoga Day Retreat

Be Here Now - Yoga Day Retreat
with Grace Bowker
Saturday 11th November 10-3pm

Atha yoga anushasanam —Yoga Sutra 1.1
“Now this is yoga as I have perceived it in the natural world”

Possibly one of the most important and fundamental insights of the yoga practice. Most of us have forgotten how to listen, we are so caught up in the doing or getting to the next thing. This sutra is an invitation to wake up. 
There is power in the moment of now, only in the present can you act and every moment presents another opportunity to begin. 
A day to explore through discussion, asana, restorative yoga and meditation.
“Retreat” implies that taking time for yourself is a treat but self care and nurturing are vital to our health physically mentally and emotionally. 
A lot can happen in a day, when we slow down and invite in inner awareness.
Open to all levels, limited space.
£40 Light Vegetarian lunch Provided
6 hours Yoga Alliance CPD

Yoga as Way of Life Course

Yoga as a way of Life Professional Course
A Four Workshop Series - Sundays 10-4pm
21st January, 25th February, 18th March, 22nd April
with Grace Bowker

This course will explore the ancient science of Raja Yoga and the 8 Fold path of Yoga of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra’s. Each of these steps on the path of yoga gives us guidance in a systematic way to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

This is a 30 hour course with 24 contact hours and 6 hours of personal study.
Investment - £140 all four workshops. Limited numbers

Student Spotlight
What Yoga Means to Me -
Beth Hardwick

Six years ago, my third daughter, Florie, died from a nasty virus. Her death came as a shock. I derailed from my rhythm and became robotic in how I dealt with the fast-paced world around me. The 21st Century doesn’t allow much space or insight into grief and I certainly didn’t know much about the journey I had begun. 4 years on and my body crashed. I was told by the pain clinic that my pain was something I had to learn to manage, that it was advised to not engage with heavy sport but light gentle physio. I felt like I was hearing the care plan to death! I walked out of the clinic in tears and as I walked to the car, I had an image of the woman I was just 4 years previously. I was fit, healthy, I went to yoga and boxed and walked and climbed.  Who was this person I had become? I suddenly felt a fog lift from my head. I turned, walked back to the clinic and discharged myself. I picked up a camera and started to vlog my journey and I began the road to recovery. One of the main lessons I have learnt is that pain in many incidences, is a symptom of our emotional and spiritual health. We can search for physical reasons as much as we want, but until we search for the deeper causes that make us whole, we’ll always fall short of a full recovery. Treating mind, body and soul consistently and thoroughly ongoing is what Yoga (amongst other things) offers me. It’s a gift each week for me to unwrap. Each week offering me a place, space, time to let go, to grow, to deepen, to let me out and to raise me up better than I was. I use the space each week to thank God for my life, to thank my body for its work, to thank my mind for its vulnerability, to thank my heart for loving, to thank my spirit for its power. I’m challenged in yoga to bring my attention within but equally to raise my awareness out. A beautiful delicate balance we all could benefit from in this busy ‘’doing’ world. I am now a new version or myself; better for having lost a child, better for having felt the pain, better for having a discipline to practice the things that set me free!

Beth teaches Chakra Dance - her next workshop 15th October 
Chakra Dance
Chakra Dance
Sunday 15th October 10-11.30pm
With Beth Hardwick

Chakra Dancing is a beautiful heart centred workout for your mind, body and soul for anyone who wants to see more freedom and flow in all areas of their lives. 
Music and movement have played an integral part in the well-being of the human psyche, and Chakra Dancing brings us home to our roots honouring ourselves in self-expression, self- awareness, self-empowerment.
No co-ordination needed, no set movements to follow. Just the willingness to have some fun by letting yourself flow with the music. 
Yoga For Runners Workshop
Yoga for Sports Workshop
Saturday 28th October 10-12.30pm
With Jo Davey

A workshop for all athletes, but with a particular focus on swimming, running and cycling…calling all triathletes! With yoga we seek to improve performance, assist recovery and avoid injury. As we start the winter season it’s the ideal time to strengthen and condition. 
Open to all levels  (no experience to advanced).
Jo is a tri-athlete and a very experienced yoga teacher who loves to teach the benefits of combining both.
Handouts included
£14 or £12 for series pass members
Handout included.
Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief Workshop

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress Relief
with Liz Underwood
Friday 20th October 6.15-8.15pm

Through the practise of movement, breathing and meditation yoga teaches us how to be at rest and at ease in every moment, how to stay calm and relaxed despite the events and circumstances that are unfolding.
These methods are an invitation to learn techniques which will empower when you are going through times of anxiety, overwhelm and stress. 
Suitable for all abilities.
£16 or £14 for series membership
Please book online to secure your place.

“Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” – Swami Sivananda
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