"If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go together"

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Central Wellness - A space for yoga and holistic health
This coming Sunday we are holding our Spring Satsang, it is an informal evening and a time for everyone of all ages to come together.    

What is Satsang? 
Satsang translates from Sanskrit as “truth-company,” or "being in the company of the wise". Sat means truth and Sang means Company.  
Our Satsang's are an evening of celebration of our community.  

The Satsang will begin from 6pm, coming together with a group led meditation by Justin Illes, our mindfulness mediation teacher. (about 20mins)
Followed by a social, bring a dish, vegetarian dinner
Movie of "What is Real?" the story of Jivamukti yoga

You are welcome to come for some or all of the evening, to bring friends and family, including children. 

It is powerful to sit in meditation together and our individual presence lends strength to others.   The intension of the evening is to awaken and uplift ourselves.

There is no charge for the evening, you can book so we know rough numbers online or drop in. 

 “Consciousness, which exists as all things, becomes contracted due to the differences generated by our separate bodies, but it expands into oneness when individual consciousnesses are able to reflect back on each other.
"Tantric sage Abhinava Gupta in the Tantraloka"


and the Central Wellness Team
Student Spotlight
What Yoga Means to Me by 
Steve Duffield

Hi my name is Steve and I am 65 years old but still think I am in my mid-thirties. I am a very typical male ……. Into sport playing football, cricket, athletics, squash, badminton, tennis, skiing, fell-walking, climbing etc but there comes a time when having pulled, broken or stretched body parts beyond their comfort zone it may be time to take up something a little more gentle. This is where my story begins with my wife Linda persuading me to go to a beginner’s yoga course with Grace – Linda’s guru for the last 4/5 years. I made all the usual assumptions – yoga is for older people or people who don’t really want to exercise; yoga isn’t physical enough; yoga is really for women; how many men will be there? However a cold January evening found me attending my very first yoga session accompanied by my wife for moral support! And you know what – it actually wasn’t so bad! By the fourth session my preconceptions were blown away and my mind was made up – this was indeed something I could not only do but actually enjoy.

So my yoga began – right from the start Grace has shown her passion and enthusiasm and always reinforces that yoga is for everyone, the practice is individual and not a competition with the person next to you. You do what you can according to your ability and flexibility. The most surprising thing was that I learned to breathe! We all take breathing for granted but in yoga for me the breathing is as important as the move itself – get the breath right and the move is more achievable.

What yoga has brought to my life is learning to relax –perhaps 40 years late – as looking back on my life with a busy career and raising a family I didn’t realise at the time how stressful that was but yoga gives you the chance to put things into perspective. I would like to think that I am more relaxed and less stressed but Linda may not agree ……. Ha ha! Another learning point from yoga is to open your mind to other aspects of life and not be narrow-minded eg Linda even persuaded me to go to a ballet with her ….. really not my scene but it wasn’t as painful as I expected and actually it was interesting to see how many moves mirror what we try to do in yoga – but they did it so effortlessly!

I now no longer worry how many men will be at yoga – anyway me and a room full of women, how can that be bad? 
Namaste, Steve

Jivamukti Workshop

Jivamukti Yoga Workshop

Journey to the Heart Centre - Bhakti & Backbending

Saturday 6th May 10am to 1pm
with Jac Godfrey

In this workshop, we journey to the heart chakra. We will enjoy a lively, classic Jivamukti practice, with focus on a series of deeply refreshing back-bends to open the heart, energise the body and flood the whole being with a sense of joy and connectedness.

Cost: £25 Open to all

Book Online

Upcoming Day Retreats

Align and Thrive

Spring Yoga Retreat Day
Saturday 22nd April 10 am to 3:30pm
With Grace Bowker

So much can happen in a day, the wonderful combination of mindful, uplifting vinyasa, restful restorative yoga with breathing practices, yoga nidra and meditation.

Open to all levels

£45 includes Vegetarian lunch

Book Online

Day of Mindfulness

28th May 10-4pm
with Justin Illes

A full day of mindfulness for people who already have some meditation experience and would like to practice their skills in a silent and focussed environment.
Practices include sitting, walking meditation, lying down body scan and slow mindful movement
Please bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water
Meditation cushions and blankets will be available but please bring your own if your have them.



Restorative Yoga for Rest and Renewal 

Sunday 12th May 7pm-9pm
With Grace Bowker

Stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK.  Our lives can be busy and full and although this is wonderful, when we forget to take time for ourselves we can end up feeling over pressurised, taking on too much, not enough time and can eventually compromising our health and happiness.

Gentle restorative yoga supports bringing ourselves back into balance. Working with a relaxed and conscious breath to bring about the shift of the nervous system along with supported postures opening the body and relaxing the mind with a willingness to let go of your attachment to the ‘doing' of things.

Book Online

Homeopathic Awareness Week

Tuesday 11th April 7pm ~ 8.30pm or Wednesday 12th April 12pm ~1.30pm
With Wendy Jackson

Wendy would like to invite you to a practical introduction to using natural remedies for you and your family. Take away a free 10 page handout of very useful information, that you can refer to and use at home. Also an opportunity to buy a homeopathic kit at a reduced price of £25. Learn how you can use lots of remedies such as arnica and calendula safely at home for many common ailments including:
Sprains and strains
Sickness and Diarrhoea
Period pains
Coughs, colds
Shock, trauma
Please book directly with Wendy £7 per session. 

We are very pleased to welcome Claire Fox joining us from Clarity Therapies.  

Claire  is an ex-nurse who took the decision to change career paths and follow an interest in complementary therapies and palliative care.

Claire qualified as a Complementary Therapist in 1999 and has  run her own clinic based within a GP surgery, treating referred patients on site.  More recently she has followed a desire to work within palliative care, looking to specialise in working with cancer and dementia patients using reflexology, aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage to help ease symptoms.

Reflexology has been practised for thousands of years by the Indians, Chinese and Egyptians. In the 1930's it was brought to the west by a therapist Eunice Ingham.  She observed that tension and congestion in any part of the feet mirrored tension and congestion in the corresponding part of the body. It was introduced to the UK in the 1960's.

Reflexology is the study of the reflexes of the feet and hands which are believed to correspond with every gland, organ and part of the body.

The reflexology treatment will be carried out when you are in a comfortable position on the couch, you will be asked to remove your socks and shoes if reflexology is being given to the feet. After a lower leg and foot massage reflex points on each foot (or hand) will be gently pressed using thumbs and fingers.
Please contact Claire to book an appointment with her directly. 
07889 316 995 or

Upcoming Workshops

An Evening of Deep Relaxation of Yoga Nidra and Sound Therapy 

Friday 31st March 7pm-8.30pm
With Grace Bowker and Gregg Chapman

Begin the evening with a guidied Yoga Nidra inducing full-body relaxation and deep meditative state. It requires nothing of you but to lie down and listen and give yourself the gift of rest and renewal. Blended with the experience of the low frequency range of the didgeridoo being played in a certain way entrains the brain waves to states of deep relaxation. 
Close our evening together with time for silent mediation and reflection. 

Book Online

Liberation Through the Body

2nd April 10am to 1pm
With Catrin Guenther

Our lifestyles often lead to a fragmented experience of body and mind, separating us from our true nature. Unifying the Bodymind will reconnect us with our natural strength and presence to live life more fully. 

£10 Studio fee to register & Donation to Teacher. Open to all.

Book Online

Yin Yoga Workshop

Friday 28th April 7pm-9pm
With Jo Davey

This workshop will focus on restoring joint mobility throughout the body and bringing balance to body and mind.  The poses target connective tissues deep within the body; leaving you moving with ease and with fully recharged batteries!

Book Online

Kundalini Yoga - Commotion to Conscious

Sunday 30th April 11am-2pm
With Atmashant Kaur 

In this session we focus on how emotions are related to stress. What is a positive and negative emotion? What is the difference between an emotion and commotion? Can we call on positive emotions to handle stress better? What characteristics and attitudes protect us from the effects of stress?

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Transformation Breath Workshop

Sunday 7th May 1pm-4pm
With Angela Leake

During this afternoon workshop you will receive help in identifying and working with your own breath pattern, coaching in using the full, connected Transformational Breath® pattern, and take-home practice you can continue to work with. The workshop will include a breath session, so that you can experience first-hand some of the benefits of this technique.
£25 Introductory Offer

Book Online

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