Happy Spring Equinox
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Happy Spring Equinox - A time when light and dark are in perfect balance and after today there is increasingly longer periods of sunshine.  It is often also a time when we are inspired to lighten up - set intensions, plant seeds and new beginnings. 

Enjoy stretching yourself in new ways, both physically and mentally, try one of our workshops, a new class or make the appointment with one of our therapists that you have been meaning to do - follow the increasing energy of spring.

Our Spring Satsang is on the 2nd April.  The evening will begin with an opening group meditation and then we will share a pot luck dinner with a showing of the movie "What is Real?" the story of Jivamukti yoga.

Satsang is a gathering of like minded people who share a commitment to a path to inner peace, promoting greater mindfulness, love, and peace in the world. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge. 


and the Central Wellness Team
What is Reiki?  

What to expect in a Reiki Session

When I walked into Just B Energy with Rebecca Britton at Central Wellness in Lincoln, I immediately felt more relaxed.

My therapist Rebecca Brittain offered me a cup of herbal tea and we sat down to talk about what brought me to Reiki.

I found merit even in that brief chat. I realised why I was so worried about moving to a new job, in a new city and it felt good to talk about it.

I discovered Reiki helps release blocked emotions so you can find clarity in your daily life.

Rebecca showed me into another room, with relaxing music, dim lighting and a heated bed. 

The practice of Reiki focuses on the seven chakras, seven centres in the body which energy flows through if chakras become blocked, it can lead to illness.

Rebecca held her hands around my head and placed them on different points of my body, focusing on each of the chakras.

The most striking thing about Reiki was the swirling dance of colours that played before my eyes, these colours were bright, and flowed in front of me in specific patterns.

The colours and swirls changed as Rebecca worked on different parts of my body and I felt like I could feel my energy moving and changing.

Suddenly, when she changed chakras, I experienced a shooting beam of purple light straight down the middle of my vision.

At one point I began to feel like I was floating as if everything had fallen away from underneath me.

But I could still feel my presence, or I realised, my energy.

After the session I felt a weight had been lifted and I spent the evening looking forward to what was in store in my future, rather than fretting about the hoops I need to jump through to reach that end goal.

Upcoming Retreats

Align and Thrive

Spring Yoga Retreat Day
Saturday 22nd April 10 am to 3:30pm
With Grace Bowker

So much can happen in a day, the wonderful combination of mindful, uplifting vinyasa, restful restorative yoga with breathing practices, yoga nidra and meditation.

Open to all levels

£45 includes Vegetarian lunch

Book Online

Journeying Home Yoga Retreat Weekend

14th to 16th July at Split Farthing Hall
with Grace Bowker

Retreats are an invitation to dive into these practices of movement, meditation, pranayama & relaxation in a safe supportive space.

Create room to breathe, the space to explore your heart, mind, and body, to relax deeply and return from the retreat with the sense you have returned home to yourself.


Jivamukti Workshop

Jivamukti Yoga Workshop

Journey to the Heart Centre - Bhakti & Backbending

Saturday 6th May 10am to 1pm
with Jac Godfrey

In this workshop, we journey to the heart chakra. We will enjoy a lively, classic Jivamukti practice, with focus on a series of deeply refreshing back-bends to open the heart, energise the body and flood the whole being with a sense of joy and connectedness.

Cost: £25 Open to all

Book Online

Spring Satsung - Jivamukti Movie "What is Real"

Spring Satsang

Sunday 2nd April 6 to 8:30 pm

Satsang is a gathering of like minded people who share a commitment to a path to inner peace, promoting greater mindfulness, love, and peace in the world.

The evening will begin with an opening group meditation and then we will share a pot luck dinner with a showing of the movie "What is Real?" the story of Jivamukti yoga.

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share


Advice from a Tree
Seek nourishment from the good things in life
Earth, fresh air, light
Be content with your natural beauty
Drink plenty of water
Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes
Be flexible
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view!
Upcoming Workshops

Yoga for Cyclists

Saturday 25th March 10 am  to 12:30 pm
With Jo Davey

This workshop will focus on yoga techniques specifically for cyclists, but is suitable for all athletes. 

The aim of the day is to provide you with tools to take away to help you avoid injury, and improve your cycling performance and enjoyment.

No yoga experience necessary.

Book Online

An Evening of Deep Relaxation of Yoga Nidra and Sound Therapy 

Friday 31st March 7pm-8.30pm
With Grace Bowker and Gregg Chapman

Begin the evening with a guidied Yoga Nidra inducing full-body relaxation and deep meditative state. It requires nothing of you but to lie down and listen and give yourself the gift of rest and renewal. Blended with the experience of the low frequency range of the didgeridoo being played in a certain way entrains the brain waves to states of deep relaxation. 
Close our evening together with time for silent mediation and reflection. 

Book Online

Liberation Through the Body

2nd April 10am to 1pm
With Catrin Guenther

Our lifestyles often lead to a fragmented experience of body and mind, separating us from our true nature. Unifying the Bodymind will reconnect us with our natural strength and presence to live life more fully. 

£10 Studio fee to register & Donation to Teacher. Open to all.

Book Online

Yin Yoga Workshop

Friday 28th April 7pm-9pm
With Jo Davey

This workshop will focus on restoring joint mobility throughout the body and bringing balance to body and mind.  The poses target connective tissues deep within the body; leaving you moving with ease and with fully recharged batteries!

Book Online

Kundalini Yoga - Commotion to Conscious

Sunday 30th April 11am-2pm
With Atmashant Kaur 

In this session we focus on how emotions are related to stress. What is a positive and negative emotion? What is the difference between an emotion and commotion? Can we call on positive emotions to handle stress better? What characteristics and attitudes protect us from the effects of stress?

Book Online

Transformation Breath Workshop

Sunday 7th May 1pm-4pm
With Angela Leake

During this afternoon workshop you will receive help in identifying and working with your own breath pattern, coaching in using the full, connected Transformational Breath® pattern, and take-home practice you can continue to work with. The workshop will include a breath session, so that you can experience first-hand some of the benefits of this technique.
£25 Introductory Offer

Book Online

Restorative Yoga for Rest and Renewal 

Sunday 12th May 7pm-9pm
With Grace Bowker

Stress is the most common cause of long-term absence from work in the UK.  Our lives can be busy and full and although this is wonderful, when we forget to take time for ourselves we can end up feeling over pressurised, taking on too much, not enough time and can eventually compromising our health and happiness.

Gentle restorative yoga supports bringing ourselves back into balance. Working with a relaxed and conscious breath to bring about the shift of the nervous system along with supported postures opening the body and relaxing the mind with a willingness to let go of your attachment to the ‘doing' of things.

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