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June is a month of solar energy, with the summer solstice or "standing in the sun"  signifying the tipping point before we return back towards the dark, a doorway into the second half of the year energizing the paths that lead within. 
I love this motto, "Rather than surviving, we must create circumstances within which we can thrive" 
At this time consider asking yourself what you wish to encourage in your life?  What expectations you have for who you think you are supposed to be?  What attachments to these expectations are tied in with your identity?  
You might be surprised at what you find. 

The student spotlight this month is by Victoria, highlighting something I am passionate about, that yoga is EVERY BODY. 

We have two new teachers to welcome to our team, Katy who will be starting a new Saturday morning class soon and Charlotte who is helping cover some classes. 
Children's yoga with Stevi also begins this month with a free taster on the 13th June.

Lastly save the date - International Day of Yoga - 21st June - 6pm-7.15pm Free outside class at Lincoln University with donations to support the St Barnabas Hospice.  All levels and ages welcome.
More details very soon,


and the Central Wellness Team
Yoga Workshop

Summer Solstice Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Saturday 17th June 9-12pm
With Grace Bowker

What does it means to you to live in a state of abundance?
The summer solstice is one of most powerful days of the year for self realisation to tap into the radiant energy of abundance.
This workshops looks to tap into our natural state of creativity and how this can bring in freedom, purpose and fulfilment into our lives.

Open to all levels
£16 or £14 for series pass membership

Book Online

Yin Yoga Workshop

Friday 9th June 7-9pm
With Jo Davey

An evening of yin-style yoga, which involves slower movements, longer-held postures and deep breathing, resulting in a feeling of deep nourishment and quiet.  Focusing on shoulders, chest and hips; the sequence will stimulate the energy channels of the body; enabling prana to flow freely and restoring range of movement.  
Suitable for all levels of experience
£16 or £14 for series pass membership

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Kundalini Yoga - From Stress to Vitality : Perpetual, Preventive

Sunday 11th 10am-1pm 
With Atmashant Kaur

In this workshop we will look at our basic lifestyle habits from the perspective of stress and vitality and will practice several Kundalini Yoga techniques to deeply relax and rejuvenate together.
We will discuss how to find balance in our personal, family and work lives and will look at the key habits needed to maintain vitality under stress such as: nutrition, sleep, massage, daily rhythms, exercise and weight. Stress can break our basic, inner rhythms. The brain depends on rhythms, as do our organ systems.
In this workshop we will discuss how to regulate and bring harmony to the mind and body to reconnect with the soul.
Certified in Osho Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy, Classical Yoga 200, Kundalini Yoga, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Sound Therapy. A member of Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. Currently studying for an M.A in Theology.

Open to all levels

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Slow Down Sunday 

Sunday 25th 10am-12pm 
With Liz Underwood

A two hour class to start your Sunday at a different pace.
Somatics to unravel tightness and tension and simple, therapeutic yoga practices to ease aching necks, shoulders, back and hips, we'll end with Yoga Nidra, a guided deep relaxation which will have you floating home to enjoy the rest of your day.
For more information on Somatics
£16 or £14 series pass members
Open to all levels

Book Online

Summer Restorative Yoga Workshop

Friday 21st July 7-9pm 
With Grace Bowker

Ayurveda is the “the science of life” and sister art to yoga, a natural healing system. In the science of Ayurveda the summer season is ruled by the pitta dosha, composed of the elements fire and water. A principal tenant of Ayurveda is ‘like increases like’, so imbalances are treated with their opposites.
This workshops is an evening of soothing, expansive and calming restorative postures, looking to release excess heat and mental energy. Encouraging us to be in better balance with our inner and outer environment.
Gentle, restorative yoga postures, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation for all levels.
£12 or £10 for series pass members
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  "Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." – Paulo Coelho   
We would love to hear from you or leave us suggestions or comments
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Student Spotlight 
Student Spotlight By Victoria Clutton

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and M.E. and have been relearning to walk for several years after over a decade in a wheelchair. While physiotherapy helped me become basically mobile, I found progressing with exercise almost impossible and I found Grace after several failed attempts at beginners Pilates classes and home exercise.
In the 6 months since I've been seeing Grace one-to-one for both Yoga and massage, I've seen a dramatic change. Grace has been amazingly cooperative and together we've been able to find a level I can work at, figure out where my problems are and modify the exercises so I can do them safely. We've worked out an extremely tailored program that is increasing my strength, flexibility and improving how I move, making the most out of my limited energy.
Since I've been doing the yoga and massage I've seen a dramatic decrease in injuries due to straining my muscles, my circulation is improving, my walking has improved significantly and I'm in less pain.
For the last two weeks I've even been able to exercise for about 10-15 minutes every morning and in addition to being a wonderfully calming and peaceful start to my day, being able to do that for myself and see improvement towards being healthy feels amazing.
Sound Healing Workshop

Summer Solstice - Embracing your Inner Light Sound Therapy

Friday 23rd June 7pm-8.30pm
With John Thornberry

Introduction To The Way of Sound - Embracing Your Light

This workshops will begin with a talk by John who is a qualified sound practitioner followed by a sublime sound shower immersing you with vibrations to a place of deep relaxation, this is produced by using singing bowls, voice work and assorted instruments.
A wonderful opportunity to reduce stress, alleviate pain, improve sleep, increase concentration and create a deeper sense of well being, nurturing to the whole nervous system.

£12 or £10 series pass membership
Book Online

International Day of Yoga

Save the Date

Yoga is the practice of Union; creating a deeper connection to ourselves and each other.
Come celebrate with a wonderful practice together of yoga and meditation.
Free with all donation going to St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice.
Open to Everyone - All ages
Held outside the LPAC at Lincoln University
Kindly supported by Lincoln University
Children's and Family Yoga Classes
Starting in June we are pleased to offer family and children's yoga at the studio.
We are holding a free taster classes on Tuesday 13th June, booking online to secure your spot.
4pm-4.30pm Mini Mindful Yoga - Free Taster Class 
4.45-5.30pmYoung Mindful Yoga - Free Taster Class
In every class we use imagination, story, adventure, we want our Young Yogis to dream big!
We believe through yoga your child will develop confidence and the ability to express themselves physically, creatively and emotionally, and be their own unique, selves.

Yoga has so many benefits for all ages in non competitive atmosphere, mindful movement, breathing and relaxation and is so much fun for children and adults to take part in together.

Instil in your children a life long love of yoga and the yogic life.
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