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I always think of this time of the year as a time for organisation and potential.    Like many of us, I am returning to a more regular schedule, my children are excited to be returning to school, seeing old friends and making new ones, new teachers, even new haircuts and shoes!  September always has a feeling of being exciting, new beginnings. 

The Autumn Equinox is on 22nd September and in the Pagan tradition, this is a festival of purification. A perfect excuse to to be mindful of anything that isn’t serving our purpose any more – de-clutter the house, de-stress the mind.   Yoga a wonderful way to create space not only in the body through stretching and lengthening our body differently, but space in our minds during meditation, or breath work in the asanas (postures) by quieting our minds and freeing a lot of the thoughts and worries that we keep there.   

If you are wondering whether to try yoga come to our open day on the 17th September,  the centre is open all day with classes and free treatments on offer.   Booking is open online. 

There is so much going on this Autumn with highlights including an Ayurvedic series of workshops, Certified 8 week mindfulness course,  Super Sleep workshop and the always very popular restorative yoga workshop.
Our full schedule will be running from mid September, including 3 new classes and teachers to the studio, more details coming very soon. 

Please read this month's student spotlight by Aimie, who is one of our wonderful young mindful yogis.
Thank you so much for continuing and developing your yoga practice with us.


and the Central Wellness Team
Yoga Nidra Workshop
Yoga Nidra Workshop
Friday 22nd September 7-8pm
With Grace Bowker

In this special one hour class we will begin with a brief overview of the practice of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), moving into a guided Yoga Nidra experience, finishing with time for mediation and reflection. 
Yoga Nidra induces full-body relaxation and deep meditative state. It requires nothing of you but to lie down and listen and give yourself the gift of rest and renewal. It helps relief chronic stress patterns, deeper sleep and promote healing. One hour of Yoga Nidra is equal to three hours of normal sleep. 
Open to Everyone, no experience of yoga needed.
£7 or one series pass membership

Ayurveda Workshops
Ayurveda Workshops
With Veronica Layunta Maurel

A series of 3 workshops which can be taken individually  or join all three.
An Introduction to Ayurveda - Sunday 1st October  10-1pm
Ayurvedic Nutrition Workshop - Sunday 12th November  10-1pm
From overwhelm to Ease: Ayurveda for Stress- Sunday 3rd December 10-1pm
Open to Everyone, no experience of yoga needed.
All Ayurveda workshops will include talks, group dynamics and activities, movement, meditation and relaxation in order to integrate and embody the wisdom of this ancient science. 

1 workshop: £27
All 3 workshops: £65 

Individual consultations available in the afternoon 
Times 2-3.30/ 3.45-5.15 / 5.30-7pm
Full consultation (1 hour 30 minutes) £95

Ayurvedic Treatments available pre-booked, please contact the stuiod 07428259002

List and description of treatments here:
(Please, scroll down, they are at the bottom of the page).

Certified 8 Week Mindfulness Course 
Certified 8 Week Mindfulness Course
With Justin Illes

24th September – 12th November - Sunday afternoons 4-6pm
Full day session on 5th November 10am-4pm

We call the kind of moment to moment awareness invoked by tuning into your breath and to every other aspect of your life MINDFULNESS. It is developed by purposefully paying attention in a non-judgmental way, to what is going on in your body and mind, and in the world around us. Staying in touch in this way from one moment to the next, this shift in awareness, may lead to seeing things somewhat differently, perhaps to feeling less stuck, or to a sense of having more options, more strength and more confidence in your possibilities, more wisdom…

The course aims to assist you in taking better care of yourself and in getting the most out of living. The majority of people completing the programme report lasting physical and psychological benefits including:

  • An increased ability to relax
  • Greater energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Heightened self-confidence
  • An increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations

The aim of the programme is to learn new ways to handle challenging physical sensations, feelings, moods or social interactions.
£225 for sessions, materials & personal support

Restorative Yoga

Mastering the Art of Relaxation with Restorative Yoga
with Grace Bowker
Friday 13th October 7-9pm

Through the practise of movement, breathing and meditation yoga teaches us how to be at rest and at ease in every moment, how to stay calm and relaxed despite the events and circumstances that are unfolding.

Focusing on a range of relaxation approaches including: Gentle, Restorative Yoga, Breath work, Meditation, Self Myofascial Massage, and Yoga Nidra, This workshop will give you a range of tools to learn how to relax and unwind. 
£14 or £12 for series membership
Please book online to secure your place.

Super Sleep Workshop

Super Sleep Workshop
with Julie Robinson
Sunday 8th October 10-1pm

Does sleep elude you? Is the quality of your sleep poor leaving you feeling weary and unrefreshed the next day?

Insomnia affects many of us in a variety of ways and can be debilitating and have an effect on all the systems of the body if left unattended.

This 3 hour fun, informative and relaxing workshop will give you a useful introduction and insight into what some of your ‘Sleep Saboteurs’ or ‘Rest Wreckers’ might be so you can begin to address them. Julie will also offer practical tips and solutions, ‘super sleep’ yoga, meditation, useful breathing and relaxation techniques and other energy practices to work with.

All of this combined with a little ‘sleep science’ will help you increase your understanding of sleep PLUS improve your chances of actually enjoying some! Julie is a well respected ,experienced, friendly and fun yoga teacher and has been teaching in London and around the East Midlands for around 13 years. She welcomes all new students and hopes to help each person realise and enjoy their wonder of ‘being’ and the potential to use yoga as a wonderful opportunity to grow and enjoy life more fully.

To read more about Julie and her teaching, visit

The ‘Super Sleep’ yoga method forming the basis of this workshop was created by Lisa Sanfilipo in partnership with The Minded Institutes research base and is accessible to all.

Cost £30, No experience of yoga necessary, all welcome

We would love to hear from you or leave us suggestions or comments
email  to
Student Spotlight

What yoga means to me
By Aimie Johnson, age 10

At first I didn’t really want to go to Yoga I thought that it would be slow and boring, as it is something that my mum likes to do but my mum made me go as she thought it would be good for me! I can’t believe how much I love it and how wrong I was about it.  I have very recently lost both my Nan and Grandad within a few months of each other which has been hard but yoga has helped me through it and I feel my time at yoga with no distractions has helped me deal with it. Since starting yoga I have felt calmer and more relaxed. 

My favourite part is the relaxing bit with the ocean potion and mum uses something similar on me at home too if I am feeling worried or thinking too much. Stevi is an amazing instructor and each time I arrive I am greeted with a welcoming smile by her and she is always so happy and nice. Stevi has taught me about mindfulness and how to be mindful of my surroundings and the foods that we eat.

I look forward to it every week and each week it has a different theme. We have done all sorts of things from travelling to football on our bikes (all yoga poses not real things) to travelling around the world doing different poses for things like the Eiffel Tower and the Sphinx. We all have so much fun and mum can usually hear us giggling from downstairs. This week I have learnt the crow pose and am on my way to getting it right, I have been practising every day! 

I do many sports including netball and mountain biking. After playing those sports I get achy so yoga is a positive way to stretch out but still have fun, I can feel a difference when I haven’t been to yoga I feel all stiff. I absolutely love Yoga and want to do it forever!

Namaste, Aimie

Yoga Workshop
Yin Yoga Workshop
Friday 8th September 7-9pm
With Jo Davey

Yin yoga is often described as the bridge between yoga and meditation. The practice involves slower movements, longer-held postures and deep breathing, resulting in a feeling of nourishment and quiet. During the workshop we aim to release long-held tension around the joints, improving range of movement. Once in a pose we can soften and relax, both physically and mentally. An evening to help find ease and freedom of movement in the body, calmness in the mind.
Open to All Levels 
£14 or £12 for series pass members
Yoga for Runners Workshop
Saturday 16th September 10-12.30pm
With Jo Davey

This workshop will focus on yoga techniques specifically for runners, but is suitable for all athletes.
Yoga is the perfect complement to sport; cross training your body to build strength and flexibility, helping to avoid injury and improve recovery from races and long runs.
The morning will start with a yoga sequence designed specifically as a pre-run sequence for runners. Moving into a dynamic flow, poses will address imbalances and niggles commonly experienced by runners. (Lower back pain, knee problems, tight IT bands, hip pain, muscles imbalances etc). Throughout the workshop we will focus on breath control, helping with concentration and maximising chest capacity.
The aim of the day is to provide you with tools to take away to improve your running style, endurance and enjoyment.
Open to all levels of runners (beginners to elite) and yoga practitioners (no experience to advanced).
Jo is a tri-athlete and a very experienced yoga teacher who loves to teach the benefits of combining both.
Handouts included
£14 or £12 for series pass members

Foundations of Flow - Beginners Flow Workshop
Saturday 30th September 9.30-11.30am
with Grace Bowker

Interested in developing your yoga practice and building a firm foundation through the basics of the Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation, integrating breath and movement generating warmth and invigorating the entire body.
This workshop will look at key alignment techniques for each asana in the series, linking the movements through breath, use of bandhas, mudra and meditation helping to set the structure for creating a home practice.
The morning will end with a gentle restorative sequence which could be used to complement the sun flow.
Perfect for beginners or those looking to refine their current practice
£16 or £14 series pass membership

Beginners Yoga Series

Beginners Yoga Series with Jo Davey
Series of 3 consecutive weeks - 11th, 18th and 25th September 6-7pm

A perfect introduction to the basic elements of yoga, emphasising alignment principles, breathing, and the mind-body connection. These will be gently paced classes and will include both discussion and practice.

The idea is that the knowledge and confidence gained during these session will provide the foundation for attending ongoing classes. After the beginners series you will have the option to continue practice with Jo at this time as she will be teaching a regular weekly beginners drop in class at this each week. 

£25 for the full series of classes

 “The end is where we start from.” 
T.S. Eliot

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